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Using Eggshell Membrane for Joint Pain

Updated on August 25, 2012

Natural remedies are a common option for joint pain sufferers who do not want to deal with the potential side effects of over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription medications, or who want support for their existing medication regimens. One surprising option that many people are turning to is eggshell membrane. The glucosamine and other substances found in this material could reduce stiffness and joint pain, especially when used along with other complementary natural remedies.

Active Components

The most promising components in eggshell membrane for joint pain include chondroitin, collagen, hyaluronic acid and glucosamine. This last is one of the most important for treating joint pain, as overall glucosamine levels in the body tend to fall with age. Consuming this substance in a supplement may be able to help you enjoy improved mobility and less pain.

The other ingredients can help, too. For instance chondroitin, usually used along with glucosamine, helps fight substances that cause joint damage while increasing overall elasticity. Collagen is another substance that decreases with age; it's a protein associated with connective tissue and skin elasticity.

Treatment Evidence

According to a study published in the August 2009 edition of the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, eggshell membrane may be able to help people who suffer from arthritis-related joint pain. This study included 67 patients in a randomized trial where some of the patients received eggshell membrane and others received a placebo. The arthritis sufferers who took the eggshell membrane had about a 26 percent greater rate of response in stiffness and pain, with a 16 percent reduction in pain and a 13 percent reduction in stiffness after 10 days. This reduction continued over the course of the study at 30 and 60 day measurements.


Eggshell membrane seems to be a relatively safe supplement for the majority of people. In the 2009 study, no patients experienced any adverse side effects from treatment, including those related to allergies. The study excluded people with known egg allergies, however. Because eggshell membrane contains egg proteins and other components, it may not be safe for use by people who have an allergy to eggs. Other supplements that also contain glucosamine, chondroitin and related ingredients may be a more appropriate choice.

A 2008 safety study on the use of eggshell membrane for joint pain also excluded people with a high body weight, people who were taking immune-suppressive medication, women who were pregnant or breastfeeding, or people on some other kinds of drugs. While there is a good chance that eggshell membrane may be safe for these people, no studies have yet been performed to confirm this.

Use with Other Supplements

While the important components of eggshell membrane can produce effective results on their own, they may also be more beneficial when used along with other therapies. For instance, fish oil, bee propolis and green-lipped mussel powder are all considered to be beneficial for joint health and can work along with eggshell membrane to reduce pain and stiffness.

This supplement can also be used with a conventional medication regimen, but it's important for patients to discuss any supplements with their doctors before they start. Doing so prevents potential medication interactions and complications. Using natural supplements may even be able to decrease the need to rely on over-the-counter medicines, which relieve pain but tend to come with significant side effects.

Eggshell membrane could be a viable option for joint pain in many people, especially when combined with other healthy products like green-lipped mussel powder or fish oil. While it's important to take any supplement carefully, this extremely safe substance shows a lot of promise for people who are tired of joint pain.


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