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Using Living Cells for Diabetes Cures

Updated on July 18, 2011

Type 1 Diabetes Gets Hope From Living Cells

With so much research and new developments taking place around the globe there's always a chance diabetes can be cured. One such development is taking place in New Zealand.

The company is called LCT (living cell technologies) and the product is called Diabecell. This development has taken place as of April, 07, 2010. I mention the date because 6 months from now this may be old news and another, better solution could be developed.

What is Diabecell?

Diabecell is the name for a product that uses insulin producing pig cells, they are injected into a patient with type 1 diabetes. It works by self-regulating and efficiently secreting insulin in the patient’s body. LCT's encapsulation technology means that this procedure does not require the use of immunosuppressant drugs.

Pretty cool stuff, huh? But how does it work? Well,since 2007 some 30 odd patients have been on this product and two have been off insulin injections without any relapse. The others have been able to reduce their medications with improving results.

Is it perfect? Nope, but it's a step in the right direction. Anything that can give a glimmer of hope in curing this disease is good news for diabetics. Lets keep our fingers crossed for more streamlined regulations and acceleration of research in this area.

Diabetes Help From Natural Foods

While we are waiting for the ultimate cure for diabetes we have to look at what's available now. Many times we will find the cures for a variety of diseases through natural means. 

Natural foods such as herbs and spices have been used for ages. Some of them are cheap and readily available at local stores. If we focus in on type 1 diabetes for a moment, you will find a lot of information about it. The one thing that stands out in the research is your immune system, it seems a common cause for type 1 diabetes is a faulty immune system.

So many problems these days seem to center on your immune system. In this case you should take a closer look at what will support it as to avert any complications from diabetes. Of course there will always be cases where no matter what you do your system will fail, but looking at the other cases we ask, how many people could avoid diabetes if they just became educated about diet and health?

What Happens When Your Immune System Malfunctions?

The short answer is your immune system detects the pancreas as an enemy, it will attack it and start to destroy the cells rendering it useless to produce insulin. Why your immune system picks your pancreas as its victim is unknown.

Other diseases, such as addisions, is where the immune system looks at the adrenal glands as the enemy, again the reason this happens is unknown.

What is known is that you can take certain foods and supplements to balance your immune system and even strengthen it if it's weak.

Taking a look at natural cures for diabetes can only help you in this fight. It doesn't take a lot to improve your health, it just takes making small changes one at a time and sticking with it.


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