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Meditation Techniques for Lowering Blood Pressure

Updated on January 6, 2015

Using Meditation for Lowering Blood Pressure

Whether you use meditation or yoga, both are linked to alleviating tension and achieving a balanced wellness.

The transcendental Meditation technique produces a statistically significant decrease in high blood pressure that is not found with other patterns of relaxation, meditation, biofeedback or stress management.

Meditation is primarily breathing and sitting while repeating what is called a Mantra. This can be a word, a phrase or a sound (white noise). Some would classify this as "Brain Washing" and that's one reason it's suggested you train with a qualified instructor.

How to use Meditation for High Blood Pressure

Stress is a large contributor to blood pressure problems. Constant stress can contribute to other health issues too, like stroke, kidney troubles, cancer, and so on.

Stress is detrimental because it throws your system out of equilibrium. Then, like domino's, one problem begets another. Meditation is a way to battle this. Let's look at a few forms of this.

Relaxation Tapes - a form of meditation, the key is finding a quiet place to relax. Just 10 minutes of focused relaxation can take you through a day. The principal objective is using this time to get rid of all negative thoughts and refresh your brain and body with positive fuel.

Simple Meditation - similar to transcendental meditation, but on a much lower level. You can practice this at lunch, taking 10 minutes to discharge stress. Again, finding a quiet place, in a sitting position, deep relaxing breaths, either listening to a recording or quietly repeating a mantra. You can be sitting too, the point is to disconnect from confusion and re-balance yourself.

Transcendental Meditation - this is a seven step course, which, when complete requires you to do it twice a day for 15 to 20 minutes. As an example session 5, called "First Day of Checking" is to affirm the correctness of the practice and give further instruction; Session 6, called "Second Day of Checking" is to understand the mechanics of the TM technique based on personal experiences; and, Session 7, called "Third Day of Checking" is to understand higher stages of human evolution.

This latter meditation technique becomes part of your daily routine, especially if you're trying to lower your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is too high, meditation in combination with other high blood pressure remedies can be effective in getting you back to normal.

For long-term success in managing blood pressure you need to look for natural ways to lower your blood pressure. Drugs are a simple, convenient short term fix but we all know there are side-effects associated with them.

Meditation Techniques You Might Already Do

We've already discussed some formal meditation techniques, but here are some things we all do which are classified as a form of meditation.

  • Daydreaming
  • Staring
  • Vivid Dreams
  • Concentration

These are things we unconsciously do to relieve the stress from our daily lives. Meditation has taken these natural tendencies and formalized them using "TM training."

The Problems With "Lack of Sleep"

Know it or not, you mind needs a rest too and it's during sleep that your mind is supposed to take the time to relax and recharge.

When sleep is disrupted or lacking, the result can be physical repercussions such as high blood pressure. Sleep is also a time when your body repairs itself and if it's not allowed to do this, well, those repairs get postponed. And sometimes the problems become more complicated to where sleep won't help anymore.

The problems your body incurs is much more complicated than what you can do to repair it. What this means is nature has given us simple techniques and remedies, while science is still trying to figure out treatments.

So, know it or not you already are doing some form of meditation, nature is demanding it. Combating the stresses of today requires a deeper meditation technique which is TM.

Consider this as an option not only for high blood pressure problems, but for good health in general.


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