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Using The Muscular System Coloring Book For Coaching & Personal Training

Updated on February 1, 2016
Muscular System
Muscular System | Source

The book provides clear and easy to understand views of each muscle and group of muscles. In this article, we will examine and explore the value of using this teaching tool as a coach or personal trainer. Read on to learn more.

Who Should Use The Muscular System Coloring Book?

Naturally, people who are studying medicine or health professions such as nursing, chiropractic, massage and acupressure can greatly benefit from the use of this handy tool; however, a little outside-the-box thinking reveals that many other groups could also benefit. For example, athletes, bodybuilders, people involved in personal training and/or recovering from an injury could make great use of this book to gain greater insight into the workings of individual muscles and the entire muscular system.

Muscular system coloring book

Why Learn From A Coloring Book?

Coloring is a great way to relax and to focus. A teenage or adult athlete who takes a few minutes to calm the mind, focus and attend to coloring a clear image of an individual muscle will naturally absorb and internalize a fuller understanding of the location, structure and function of that muscle. In fact, the very act of focusing can help benefit the muscle being studied.

Coloring images helps imprint the information contained in those images. The interactive activity brings hand eye coordination into play and requires intense attention and patience. Adults who color develop better reasoning skills, solve problems better and are better able to manage stress than those who don't.

The information gained while coloring becomes ingrained in a person’s thought processes. This is a sharp contrast to information that is learned by rote and quickly forgotten. For this reason, it's easy to see why coloring images of the muscles of the body would be extremely beneficial for anyone who wishes to improve physical fitness and athletic performance.

Why This Book?

While there are many coloring books aimed at teaching anatomy, this book is especially helpful to people seeking a deep understanding of the muscular system itself. the structure of the book provides clear, realistic and uncluttered images for coloring along with smaller, more detailed labeled images for reference. The images for coloring all include multiple views of each muscle. This attention to detail means that participants in these activities are able to deeply focus on each individual muscle over a period of time for complete comprehension.

How To Use The Muscular System Coloring Book

If you are a coach or a personal trainer, the Muscular System Coloring Book can be a tremendous teaching aid.

As a coach, you might have your players work through the entire book as a way of combining academic achievement with athletic achievement. Giving young students a greater overall understanding of the functions of the muscles of the human body will benefit them as players now. It will also benefit them throughout life in terms of overall, lifelong health and fitness.

As a personal trainer, you could select images of individual muscles and muscle groups to help your clients focus on areas of particular concern. In addition to gaining a greater understanding of the areas of their own bodies that need attention, your clients will also reap the benefits of coloring as a stress reduction tool.

Stress reduction is always a positive thing! When you help your clients manage stress, you help them improve their overall health and well-being. You might consider creating relaxation and learning packages for your clients by combining at-home coloring activities with guided meditation audio. This powerful combination can help your clients focus on goals, manage stress and get better results from personal training.


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    • lloydl profile image

      lloydl 24 months ago from Colorado Springs, CO U.S.

      Thanks Kathleen, this my effort of trying to think outside of the box, and look at the benefits of coloring and learning at the same time.

    • profile image

      Kathleen Kerswig 24 months ago

      Such an interesting idea! I am a life coach, specializing in recovery coaching (recovery from addiction) and coloring has been recommended for reducing stress in general. I imagine that using a muscular system coloring book could be beneficial for many people. Thanks for sharing this cool idea! Blessings!