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Using a Medicine Ball or Yoga Ball To Do Ab Workouts

Updated on July 16, 2015

Ab Workouts With Yoga Balls

There are lots of ab workouts you can do to tone your abs and burn belly fat.  But some of the best abdominal exercises you can do involve using a medicine ball, yoga ball or what is called a swiss ball. I've even heard people call it a pilates ball or a fitness ball.

Regardless of what you choose to call it, yoga balls are a great way to trim belly fat and tone your abdominal muscles.  Working out with a variety of yoga ball and medicine ball ab workouts will train and target your abdominal muscles.

  • Medicine balls are the balls that weigh around 7 pounds or more, they are about the size of a basketball.
  • But fitness balls or yoga balls have a diameter of around 3 feet and are filled with air as opposed to heavy sand.

Fitness balls are sometimes used as a slanted sitting device for crunches and other exercises and medicine balls are used as a device for adding resistance when doing crunches. Generally you would hold a medicine ball in front of your stomach or chest, and the medicine ball would add additional resistance on the abdominal muscles.

The Best Yoga Ball Ab Workouts

  1. Exercise Ball Crunch - The exercise ball crunch is an ab exercise that looks very similar to the woman pictured above. Position yourself so that you are sitting down on the yoga ball and do a crunch with your hands touching the side of your head. You want to have a balanced posture when you are doing crunches on an exercise ball.
  2. Yoga Ball Core Roll - This can be done by getting on a workout mat and staying in the push up position. Raise your feet on top of the yoga ball while maintaining the push up position and crunch your legs forward in a way that rolls the ball toward you and your knees should be moving toward your stomach.
  3. Yoga Ball Passes - Can be done by laying on a workout mat, lay on your back with the yoga ball between your feet. Make sure your body is parallel with the floor and keep the yoga ball between your feet. Lift your arms and head in a crunching motion and simultaneously lift the yoga ball with your feet. At the climax of the crunch, grab the yoga ball with your hands and continue alternating from your hands to your feet.
  4. Yoga Ball Leg Lifts - This exercise can be done by laying flat on your back with the yoga ball between your feet. Slowly lift the ball about with your feet and try to lift the ball about 4 inches over the floor. You can choose to do reps of this exercise or you can decide to hold the yoga ball up for 10 seconds.

Good Deals On Medicine Balls

The Best Ab Exercises When Using a Medicine Ball

One of my favorite ways to use a medicine ball when doing an ab workout is to do crunches on a decline bench.  You can do it yourself by holding the medicine ball to your chest or your could have a friend help you out by gently throwing the ball toward your upper abdomen as you complete each rep.  As you complete each rep, throw the medicine ball back to your friend so that he can quickly throw it back to you (in a gentle way).  If you do this right, you will receive the medicine ball just before you go back down into the decline position.  If this sounds too difficult or if you don't have a partner, its perfectly fine to just do medicine ball crunches by yourself.


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    • profile image

      charlie 7 years ago

      I’ve always been pretty skeptical of yoga, having been a devout believer that frequenting the gym was a far superior method of staying in shape than doing stretches half naked with some dude who is most likely a metrosexual. I have to warn you though… don’t wait until your late 20s like I did to start trying some of these yoga exercises. Since I started working out in high school I’ve done crunches and using ab belts nearly every day, and although I’ve always had a decent amount of muscle everywhere else, I could never really tone my core muscles as much as I wanted. About a year ago, my friend showed me some basic yoga exercises like the cobra pose, and just from doing those for about an hour a day, I’ve gotten better results than I did from all those years of doing crunches. Now I finally have that cut, jesus on the cross abs and obliques (I actually have pics from the way they looked before and after: doing yoga abs and ab belt abs).

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      This would be a comfortable, enjoyable work out. I love it.

    • profile image

      Zo 7 years ago

      Awesome workout tips, thanks for the advice

    • profile image

      Ted 7 years ago

      Awesome ab workouts, doing ab workouts with yoga balls is among my favorite gym exercises