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Vaginal Dryness Causes

Updated on January 26, 2011

Vaginal dryness is an issue that can affect any woman of any age, but it’s particularly common in women who are either menopausal or have just finished going through menopause. Vaginal dryness is a miserable affliction, as it can lead to severe itching and pain, but result in a Catch 22 situation, as the mere act of scratching said itch can lead to more pain. A dry vaginal area can result from number of issues, so the first thing you need to do is figure out what’s causing your genital problem. Once you know the reason your body isn’t producing enough vaginal lubrication, you can work with your doctor to correct the problem.

A drop in estrogen levels

One of the main reasons so many menopausal women have issues with vaginal dryness is their reduction in estrogen, which helps lubricate the vagina and maintain elasticity. When estrogen decreases, new vaginal problems arise because the vagina loses part of its natural defense system. While menopause and post-menopausal women experience this often, they aren’t the only women who have issues with their estrogen levels. Women who have just given birth; women who are breastfeeding; women who smoke; women with immune system issues; and women undergoing treatment for cancer may all experience a fall in estrogen levels, which can le


I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Douching is bad for you! Douching can strip your vagina of its natural lubrication system, leaving it open to developing vaginitis when things go dry. Douching can lead to yeast infections and other vaginal conditions as well; none of them pleasant.

Perfumes, dyes, etc.

If your vagina doesn’t get along with your fancy new bubblebath, it may respond with inflammation and itching. Perfumes and dyes in toilet paper or laundry detergent can cause similar vaginal discomfort, all of which can lead to uncomfortable vaginal dryness.


There are a number of medications which may seem perfectly innocent, but could result in vaginal dryness. The types of medications which can lead to this are varied, but may include allergy treatments and antidepressants.


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