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Vaping - Will It Permanently Go Up In Smoke?

Updated on September 29, 2019

Vaping - Why Do People Vape?

The original purpose of Vaping was for quitting cigarettes by curving symptoms. A way for individuals to curve the nicotine and decrease the need has become more popular than anticipated. "Fewer people are using them to quit smoking, and more people are using them to boost their social image." - By Sarah G. Miller, Life Science, March 2017.

Tweets in 2012 showed reasons given by individuals as to why she or he was vaping. Common Tweets varied from flavored taste to indoor use or wanting to quit smoking. By 2015, less than 30% of people cited quitting smoking as a reason for Vaping. - Miller, LifeScience, March 2017.

Let My Lungs Breath

California is targeting vaping.
California is targeting vaping. | Source

A Puff and A Cloud Of Smoke

What a welcoming sight for non-smokers when many businesses and buildings became smoke-free. For those of us that do not smoke it was literally a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed eating at restaurants and not gagging from the smell of smoke. I could come home and not smell like an ashtray. My happiness was short-lived now that vaping is everywhere! When I see people vape I see nothing but a big cloud of smoke. I wonder what am I inhaling by no choice of my own.

The Truth About Vaping

While many believe vaping is better than smoking cigarettes there are alarming statistics about Vaping and the negative effect on health.

  • There is more than just tobacco in e-cigarettes and many of the agents while toxic are unknown.
  • Vaping is still bad for you. This can still result in nicotine addiction, cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Statistics have shown that those that use e-cigarettes wanting to quit smoking end up smoking both.
  • Smokeless vaping has become more appealing to youths but is still dangerous.
  • Vaping does not eliminate the risk for lung disease or cancer.

Vaping Deaths Across The Country

Fatalities reported in Florida and Georgia
Fatalities reported in Florida and Georgia | Source

Vaping Deaths Investigated

As of September 28, 2019, The Center for Disease Control is currently investigating 530 reported cases of severe lung illness related to vaping. - Daily Mail, 2019

The total number of deaths in the U.S. has risen to eleven and have been directly linked to Vaping. The Alabama Department of Public Health is recommending that consumers refrain from using e-cigarettes or Vape products while an investigation is underway of 16 individuals resulting in cases of lung disease directly related to Vaping.

Alabama Health Officials sent out a caution for those Vaping that if unable to refrain then to be wise and to only purchase from stores and vendors cleared by state standards to sell the product. The report states a number of patients have come to local hospitals with symptoms that include cough, shortness of breath and fatigue, with symptoms growing worse over a period of days or weeks. Other symptoms may include fever, chest pain, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Most of the cases are among adolescents and young adults. - Alabama Department of Public Health, Courtesy of WAFF 2019


Instead of wondering about the taste or how cool one may look on social media ask this:

  • Do you want to put yourself at risk for lung disease or death?

It does not matter what statistics show because the war on smoking cigarettes has continued for decades, despite one big tobacco company being sued for producing cigarettes. Yet, this company is pursuing ways to make e-cigarettes more appealing and will continue to do so as long as individuals keep buying. - Daily Mail, 2019


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