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Various Forms and Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Updated on August 19, 2011

Various Forms and Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery can be the final option for people who have tried diet and exercise to no avail. It is important to get the facts straight though before you decide on choosing a weight loss surgery method that you believe works best for you.

Lap Band surgery, the first one, allows the skilled surgeon to decrease the stomach band or size to minimize your food intake. Post-surgery, the doctor will advice the patient to go into an exercise program, diet plan, and behavioral therapy. A surgeon might also do an additional plastic surgery to fix sagging skin.

Gastric bypass surgery and Laparoscopic surgery are performed by making deep incisions and multiple smaller incisions on the abdomen, respectively. These methods leave scars on the abdomen. The latter though is still fairly new in the market and long term results have not been evaluated fully.

Another type of surgery is the Biliopancreatic diversion bypass. In this surgery, the surgeon removes a small portion of the stomach, thus reducing its size, then attaching the bypass to a distal ilium. This surgery though increases a patient’s risk of malnutrition.

Weight Loss Surgery

Body Lift

Belt lumpectomy or commonly known as the (lower) body lift is also a popular method of weight loss surgery. It is helpful in improving the look of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs as it removes excess or sagging skin and cellulite. It also smoothen skin and fights signs of aging.

Body lift is an option after a gastric bypass surgery or liposuction. Other types of body lifts are breast, upper arm, and thigh lift. As it is an emergent area of plastic surgery, people considering a body lift should do sufficient research. Your doctor should have a certificate from American Board of Plastic Surgeons.

Requirements for a body lift include having a stable weight for at least three months to a year. A one year rest is needed for people who underwent another type surgery before having a body lift done.

Tummy Tuck

Another weight loss surgery method is the tummy tuck, which is done removing accumulated skin and fat around the abdomen muscles. This procedure is for people who have difficulties in losing abdominal weight.

For young and old people who have sagging skin in their abdomen from losing weight and old age, a tummy tuck can be a good option.

Weight loss surgeries should not be taken lightly. People who opt for this kind of weight loss method should understand that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is still vital to have a great body and personal well-being.


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