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Vegetables - Eat - Healthy

Updated on February 25, 2014

Vinegar Cleanses the Body

Use a little Apple Cider Vinegar to relieve swelling, taking stress off the organs. Inflammation is not good for the body, leaving it unable to work at its best. When the blood flows properly healing is able to take place. Doing this creates healthy cells. When your internal organs are swollen you will find feeling well difficult. Muscles do not work as well as they should and blood does not move through the body as well. The feeling of pain and discomfort might be the order of the day.

People have used vinegar for centuries. Vinegar of the Apple Cider Brand is very strong and contains many vitamins, C, and E being just a couple. In the days of the Roman Army they drank this strong elixir for stamina. The substance is so acidic anyone toying with the thought of cleansing their body internally should consider using Apple Cider Vinegar. Vinegar is so strong it can be used as disinfectant a cleanser for wood flooring and other household uses.

Vinegar is strong it has the capacity to clean; this is a reason to use a regiment of vinegar for a body cleanser. Vinegar helps to keep arteries clean and the body free of bad elements. This is done with the help of vinegar.

Try Eating A Little Fish

I must admit as a child eating fish was not my favorite food, but as time has moved on I now enjoy eating it. It is also good to know that it is healthy for you. There are elements in fish that help keep swelling down in the body. How often have we not felt our bet because we feel discomfort inside? Sometimes this is due to inflammation.

Fish is a great way to build your body. It is a wonderful source of protein; it is low in sodium and works to keep cholesterol down. Think of your body as a beautiful structure you are building and you want to put the best materials in it you can get. To be sure, whatever you put in your body is going to show up in some way, whether it is a negative way or a positive way, the decision is entirely up to you.

Fish is one of the architects of good health, but in the waters of today fish can be contaminated with mercury and other elements. As with all things the danger is in excess. Do not over use anything including fish, but it is believed the benefits far outweigh any dangers. Eating fish twice a week is the general recommendation; keep in mind good health is all about balance.

Eat Your Vegetables

Eat heart Healthy

Eating wonderful food is a part of many cultures. You will be glad to know many delicious dishes are quite heart healthy. These foods are great tasting and keep you glowing with positive health. A lot of broccoli, onions and cheese make a fantastic heart healthy meal. Garlic is a food that helps the blood to stand flowing as it should, nice and healthy.

Fish is another dish good for your health. These can be prepared with lemon juice tomato sauce salsa or prepared with ginger. Cooking sherry and ginger makes a great marinade adding wonderful flavor to this healthy dish. Staying healthy is harder during bad weather but can be done with beans proper diet.

Just Eat Your Vegetables

Sometimes being out at the grocery store or simply out for an evening walk I see older people watering their lawns or tending their flower gardens, and I don't mean people in their late fifty's, I mean 85 and 90 year old people. They can tell you what happened way back when and where it was. Every so often I ask them this question." Over the years what did you eat"? The first answer I get is to eat your vegetables.

I am not sure it is even a decent life style that accounts for longevity. A lot of them have partied with the best, drank, smoked and anything else they could think to do. Not raising cane at the present time is because as some older folks put it, they can't. You will hear, "Boy, when I was your age".

The one thing they all have in common is the vegetables. People simply could not run out to the nearest fast food restaurant and pick up a pasta dish. Decades ago they did not stop at the local grocery store and pick up some prefab food. Our elders went home and cooked food grown in their gardens or a neighbor's garden, or a local farmers. Where ever they got it the food was nutritious without preservatives. I am criticizing no one, I stand accused myself. But a lot of these elders walk straight they speak and remember clearly and can count money faster than a calculator.

I have researched my share of foods, and hopefully will continue to do so. But I have found all vegetables and fruits take care of a lot of areas. Some have more of one item than the other, but still taking care of our health. For older people who have a problem chewing some of these vegetables Juicers are great.

Now, in our fast paced world, we don't have time for that old stuff. Well, I guess we have plenty of time for hospital visits and children who are not as healthy as we were. It has been found that seventy percent of our immune system is in the colon. The elders would make sure you were emptied every week. They knew that little detail helped to keep you healthy. They had no, World Wide Web, or Pharmaceutical Reports. Our world moves on with computer genius. But, who had the real genius?



Cooking for the holidays is nice with friends and family around. Cooking with Bell peppers of all colors is a great way to spice up your holiday foods, but what makes it better is spicing up the event with peppers knowing they are filled with vitamins. Bell peppers are good in salads and as a garnish. Stuffed peppers are always a treat.

We never think of our food as an antiseptic but that is a bell pepper. It is great tasting and medicinal at the same time. Peppers are filled with vitamins A and C. The peppers are filled with antioxidants. They have vitamin K which helps with blood clotting. In times past people understood the healing properties of peppers and used them to their advantage. They have been used for antiseptic and have been found to be good for helping the lungs and other parts of the body including killing some bacteria that causes stomach ulcers, and respiratory problems. So go on and enjoy cooking with peppers there are a large variety of them to choose from and are fun and easy to grow.



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    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 9 years ago from Northern California

      It's true...vegetables are very important! Unfortunately, I have a hard time trying to get them because I don't go shopping often and find it easier to get canned things, and canned vegetables are kinda eh. I'd rather eat fruit, but I know I need to balance my diet better! Thanks for the Hub!