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Victoria Beckham's Virgin Raw Bee Panacea is The Real Victoria's Secret

Updated on April 22, 2016

So you want to find out exactly what keeps Victoria Beckham quite svelte these days? Well you are not alone. It seems like every member of the planet would love to know the secret as well. Well, in a tweet last week she finally gave a hint that it is about eating a teaspoon a day of her newest thing which is the Bee Panacea by Virgin Raw Food. This blend of twenty super foods is syrupy and thick and includes a sweet base of royal jelly, bee pollen, raw royal honey, herb varieties of ginseng and cinnamon as well as super foods maca root, chlorella and spirulina.

Victoria’s Real Secret

The big secret to her recent health and total rejuvenation has everything to do with this super food called Bee Panacea. Just a small teaspoon a day will give you health benefits beyond your wildest expectations. In a word, this is Victoria Beckham’s newest health obsession and the newest thing she is into. In a nutshell, this product has combined every type of product from bees there is including select algae, royal jelly, bee propolis, pollen and raw honey. In the natural component of the product, there are amino acids, protein, enzymes, minerals and totally essential vitamins. For centuries, medicine from Chine has used the pollen from bees as an energy booster to find acne, to boost the libido and to heal a variety of different illnesses including high blood pressure, depression and even indigestion! What seems to be apparent is that the effects that are beneficial to humans who actually take this ingredient orally come from the highest levels of nutrients and anti oxidants that are included in it. One teaspoon full per day is the dose recommended by Victoria Beckham and this will be the perfect addition to homemade dressings for salads, herbal teas, smoothies and even spread on top of butter when you eat toast bread or scones in the morning. The possibilities are truly limitless. Having a hard time looking for where to find this product? It is worth all the effort you put into it as the benefits to your health are truly limitless as well as continuous and never ending. After all, who in their right mind would not want to look and feel as good as Victoria? The moment she started taking this product and tweeting about it, health buffs around the world started to jump on the same bandwagon and absolutely tried the products themselves. The good news is that it works on everyone, even mere mortals like you and me.

The website of Virgin Raw Foods claims that this is one of the products that causes the body to be nourished, strengthens metabolisms for loss of weight, gets digestion optimized, increases libido, mental clarity and endurance and gets toxins eliminated. In addition, this product increases overall energy and gets your skin clearer. When it comes to weight loss, this product may truly be a help. Blood sugar regulation is helped by cinnamon and your metabolism really does get a boost from cayenne. Appetite is also regulated by phenylalanine, which is an amino acid. Even just one full teaspoon may actually do wonders for your health. Aside from all these benefits you will love the fact that this product tastes truly good. This means that you will need to stick to the recommendation of merely a teaspoonful that contains twenty five calories and not go over, tempting as it may seem. After all, with a product that tastes this good and with all the benefits it contains, it is not easy to become tempted for a little bit more of a truly delicious spoonful.

Victoria Beckham’s Honestly Healthy Raw Food Diet

Aside from Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow, you may have heard that none other than Victoria Beckham has jumped on the raw food diet bandwagon. Well, you would not be wrong. With so many health trends making an appearance, you can be sure that Victoria Beckham’s diet of raw food is taking the media by storm, in no small part due to her continuous svelte figure. Whether you have successfully lost weight on a diet or not this holiday season, there is no time like the present to finally take charge of your health and perhaps consider whether or not the raw food diet is for you. You might wonder, however- what exactly is this diet about? Read on for some great information that may just be a true benefit to your own health.

What’s to Love About Bee Panacea?

Each day it is more than sufficient to take just one full teaspoon of this ultra rich super food since the potency is truly amazing. Have you seen Victoria Beckham’s energy lately? Blame it all on this product. It contains a mixture of well studies beneficial raw products and nourishing probiotics, super foods and botanical herbs. It is all natural, raw and organic contains no GMOs or preservatives. It is also nut free, so free, wheat free, dairy free and gluten free. There is a high index of ORAC for your benefits. The herbs that this product contains are included in the formula and the best part is that this treat really does take like the most delicious honey in the world.

Virgin Raw Benefits for Your Health

The slight flavor of goji berry, a dosage of raw honey and a cinnamon hint- this product is a joy. The super food ingredients not only offer you a real boost, it benefits your health with its tons of ingredients.

  1. Ginseng- this ingredient has to do with any single 1 of eleven varied perennial plant species and is indigenous to Siberia, Asia and North America. Found mainly in cold climates, both the ginseng from Asia and America involve taking the roots as aphrodisiacs and adaptogens orally in the treatment of diabetes type 2. It is also used for men for sexual dysfunction and is thought to be to enhance the level of energy as well as contain anti-aging properties.
  2. Spirulina- made from arthrospira, this diet supplement is an Aztec food source until the sixteenth century. It was also the source of food for Mesoamericans for the same amount of time. It is considered to be the highest in protein with dry weight of over sixty per cent. It contains vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, folic acid, pyridoxine, nicotinamide, riboflavin and thiamine. This ingredient is a rich source of zinc, sodium, selenium, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium, iron, copper, chromium, calcium and potassium. Compared to soy and red meat, this ingredient gram per gram has more protein. It is also a super rich source of the B vitamins as well as beta carotene for increased detoxification and energy.
  3. Chlorella-this is green algae with a single cell and is high in carbohydrates, fat and protein. There is efficiency in this ingredient which is photosynthetic and allows it to yield protein in extreme high amounts per area of unit, as a matter of fact, more than other plants. Compared to any other food, it is the richest chlorophyll source and is the ultimate detoxifier of nature. It allows cells of red blood carry more nutrients and oxygen.
  4. Raw Jelly- queen bees use this nourishment exclusively. Royal jelly happens to be a bee colony’s feeding of all the larva that worker bee glands produce. In a colony or bee hive, bees of the caste that are sexual are different from bees that are workers. Benefits cited for royal jelly include treatment for high cholesterol, asthma, menopause adverse effects and skin conditions.
  5. Maca- this derivative of plants is an adaptogen and herbalists claim that it contains properties that rejuvenate such as getting the immune system enhanced or getting the hormones of the endocrine system balanced. Native to the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes, the high altitudes in which this plant thrives makes it hard to find. Some claim that there are properties that make this ingredient an aphrodisiac. This super food is invigorating and stimulates the thyroid and enhances the function of the adrenal glands. For added weight loss, this ingredient gets your metabolism stimulated, which is quite an advantage.
  6. Propolis of Bees- this is a super food considered to be antioxidant, anti viral, anti fungal and anti bacterial. This is utilized by bees to sanitize the hive as well as get the hive repaired if needed.
  7. Pollen from Bees- these contain more than five thousand co-enzymes and enzymes which makes it one of the foods found in nature that happen to be the most complete. Rich in the vitamins of B complex, bee pollen also contains phytochemicals, lecithin, selenium and vitamins E, D, C and A. This ingredient is a natural anti-allergy, antibiotic, appetite suppressant and is antioxidant-rich.
  8. Honey is Raw- this type of honey is considered to be an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-bacterial and treats coughing faster than over the counter artificial medication. It also relieves pain and neutralizes toxins. Coming straight from the beehive, honey that is raw is better than the kind you buy in the grocery store which is sometimes treated with heat and has no pollen, which alters the flavor or properties and this includes being ultra filtered, pasteurized or strained.

Fashion Label Launch

The label of Beckham was launched in a presentation that was low key in the year 2008. Three years later, a lower priced label of the same name made an introduction and became a Fashion Week fixture in New York. Initially known for dresses, the brand later made an expansion into luxury handbags and separates. The brand also includes fragrance lines, eyewear and denim separates. Later, she was deemed a designer that was truly respected as a French Vogue guest editor and had also done some panel discussion participation with the New York design school Parsons. The conclusion with regards to her brand name label was that the designs themselves were appealing rather than the clothing line’s association to Victoria Beckham, the celebrity.

Early Years

Victoria Beckham decided to pursue the career of music when she watched Fame, the musical film, She was then enrolled by her family at the Jason School of Theatre and later a theatre arts school in Surrey where she studied modeling and dance. Later, she became one of the members of the Persuasion Band.

An Icon of Style

It is as a fashion designer and style icon for which she is most famous for and having collaborated with other brands, in the year two thousand and eight she developed her own label. The label Victoria Beckham was named the UK’s 2011 designer brand of the year and in the business interests of the Beckham, was considered to be the top performer, so to speak. In the same year, it was reported that Beckham attained more success than was predicted and has won over the pack of fashion followers who now crowd and line up to see her show bi annually at the Fashion Week in New York City.

The Real Victoria Beckham

Born on the seventeenth of April in nineteen seventy-four, Victoria Caroline Beckham is a singer, model, fashion designer and business woman. The Spice Girl pop all female group rose to fame and she went along with it and was dubbed by a music magazine in the country as Posh Spice. Since the split of the Spice Girls she was signed on to Telstar Records, Virgin Records and had four singles in the top ten of the United Kingdom. In the singles chart Out of Your Mind hit number two, and this was her first release.

Since that time she had participated in five reality television shows and official documentaries about her life including A Mile in Their Shoes, The Real Beckhams, Being Victoria Beckham and Victoria’s Secrets. She also took part in Coming to America: Victoria Beckham. Since that time she has since done episodes and cameo appearances in television shows including American Idol, Germany’s Next Top Model and Project Runway as a guest judge. She has four children with David Beckham and has joint estimated assets of five hundred eight million British Pounds.


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      I hadn't heard of this but do marvel at the many benefits of bees.


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