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Viropause, andropause, whatever you wan't to calll male menopause

Updated on October 25, 2009

Ah, testosterone

Ooo, that yummy little hormone (androgen., steroid) that makes we men lean, strong, a God in bed, competitive and driven. Some still dispute adropause, but they've obviously never been very virile. Any man in his 38-42s knows that the decline in testosterone holds many pitfalls. Everything from getting a little heavier, less libido (sex drive), lack of energy, less strength and a declining interest in being the "Better Man".

Yeah, that's testosterone. I'll call it test from here on out.

There's more than one form of testosterone. The other that I'll be explaining in these capsules is dihydrotestosterone (DHT), called bad test by juice-heads everywhere. Yeah, it's responsible (negatives only) for male pattern baldness, acne, and iin concert with follicle stimulating hormone, some nasty hair migration (south, down the back etc.). DHT has some positive functions. Our male body needs it. I'm going to concentrate on test, though.

Test is THE male sex hormone. Got wood in the morning? That's because test levels are generally highest in the morning and ten hours after we wake. Many people mistake test as the "most anabolic hormone", meaning it builds muscle more than any other. Well, that's wrong! Insulin is far more anabolic than test, and factors like IGF-1 are respon sible (100% responsible) for muscle fiber maturation.

If you're a juice head reading this to get better use out of your drugs, go away, I spit on you. You and your shrunken testes.

In the following capsules, the biochem/endocrine lesson will be based on production of test, GH (growth hormone), taking advantage of insulin-amino acids-supplements as well as ann overview of prescription drugs like Androgel and Andriol, as well as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra (the latter is my favorite!). I'll explain why we may need them, the mechanisms in which they work, as well as natural detours around them (sort of-none of that stuff is as impressive as scientific compounding!!!

Before that, please know that the testes are not the only thing producing test. Women need test, too. YES, they do, and they do not have testes (news flash for some). Test is made by testes, the adrenal gland and the liver.

I hope the following capsules will be helpful to some men during this *confusing* time.


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