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Virus Schmirus

Updated on March 13, 2020

Fake News. It’s just another seasonal flu. When the weather gets hot, it will go away. It’s totally under control. It’s a liberal hoax, a conservative hoax, a foreign virus. Viral terrorism. political hype. So, don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

Except… it isn’t. Covid-19 is now officially a pandemic and severe measures are being taken to try to contain it. In America we’re playing catch-up. We have every reason to worry about this.

This teeny, tiny speck of protein is now managing and organizing the lives of all of humanity. How could that be? It’s simple schmimple. We are all integrally connected. Every movement, action, thought wave within nature affects the entire system. This little virus, unable to reproduce by itself, found a human body as a carrier and proceeded to spread itself all over the earth in order to shout out, silently and stealthily, that this is so.

Are we listening? I think we’re beginning to. Stock markets are crashing, schools are closing, large gatherings are being cancelled, and so on. These are the things that get our attention. The world is shutting itself down in order to contain this tiny, powerful little smidgen now in our midst.

And some startling things are beginning to occur right before our eyes. When have you ever seen the leaders of nations concerned about citizen deaths as they conduct their little wars? Well, they are now. In the face of Covid-19 there is arising cooperation and a sense of… well, almost good will on an international level.

And we the people, as we comply with the containment strategy of social distancing, are at the same time called upon to help each other. How can we organize ourselves to assist those infected and quarantined, those who are at high risk, our families and friends? This really is our strongest weapon as well as the seeds for growing a new society correctly—connecting with each other on every level.

Here’s what I think could happen. As we go about attending to the physical needs of others during this crisis, we will begin feeling inside of us a sense of love and concern for others, like a mother has for her child, and this inner sensation of connection will become the basis upon which we build our society after Covid-19 slinks away.

Are you in?


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