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How Self-Development Through Mindful Practices. Eliminating Competition and Becoming the Ideal of Yourself

Updated on March 16, 2020
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Alex Mezulari has devoted two decades seeking peace of mind and discovered the power within for all his needs and achieve self realization

There is no such thing as rivalry when attuned to your higher-self

People should always strive to be marketable and have an enduring spirit. The human will is one of the most powerful things we possess along with our belief system. Unfortunately for most, have adopted me against the world mentality. We as human beings should recognize that we need each other. No one's existence is a mistake. We are all interconnected and live parallel lives that converge in the end.

The only competition we should engage in is making today better than yesterday. When we acknowledge that what is anointed to be ours will not go to anyone else. This mindset frees us from the stress and frustration caused by trying to get to the finish line first when in reality the person in front of you probably does not know that you are racing them. Step into a new version of yourself that looks to themselves for the ideal life instead of others who are experiencing the glory tailor-made for their journey.

The Path of Self-Actualization is Recognizing the Favor on Your Life

Self-Realization is the ability to see past differences and see similarities

Inferiority and superiority are illusions based on the sole fact that no two people are exactly alike. This uniqueness eliminates us from being less than or more than anyone else. We come fully loaded with the blessing and favor to carry us to our destiny. No one can be a better you than you. By being in the world and not a part of it we can smash the illusion of competition and live out our lives with a new sense of confidence.

When we become the ideal of ourselves then all competition ends. Your vibration will become one of bonding with others. Life is short and you only get one shot so stay focused on making your vision a success. Successful people do not have time to look around at what others are doing because they are too focused on what they need to get done to achieve their greatness.

Mindful Strategy to Realize Your Gifts and Recognize Your Value

Are you caught up in the rat race?

If we compete against each other, what is the finish line?

I propose that when we die we do not get to take our wealth and possessions with us. In the spiritual domain, the spirit is reunited with the light. We were created to feed our spirit and give praise to our creator. The stronger the faith in the word, the more profound the connection to this power. We all have glimpses into this spiritual realm. These moments of wonder and connection to the sacred is the real us. Don't just push it aside as your imagination gone wild rather accept its true reality. Tap into this mindset and let it get into your spirit. Spend less time looking at what everyone else has and be happy for them. Being grateful for what we already possess is a habit we should adopt.

We are spirit embodied in flesh. A child of the light that came into existence on its own accord. When we eliminate the need to have more than what others have life becomes lighter. We become more serene and learn to look at others as part of a process where everyone is contributing their small part into the macrocosm that needs each one of us to maintain it's evolution. Jealousy is simply a fear of loss of something we believe we possess or should be ours. Advertising targets the competitive nature of human beings and puts us in a battle in which we have no business being in.

We all live parallel lives that end up at the same destination. A person aligned with spirit will be happy for others instead of jealous. The truth is if you don't have what they have you did not need it to fulfill your purpose. If you covet that other person's life you might be persuaded to think "if only had what he has". Realize that if you had their life it wouldn't be a blessing, it would be a burden. The anointing on your life will never be manifested until you become self-aware and believe that your blessings are your own and will not go to anyone else.


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