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Vision Boards – Set Yourself Up for Success

Updated on April 22, 2015

Vision Boards – Set Yourself Up for Success

Our brain is very powerful. If we can only learn how to tap into the endless possibilities of our own mind, we can achieve all our dreams and much more. However, there are times when we become confused and are not clear of what we truly want. All we need to do is prioritize and keep ourselves motivated.

When we get clear about our goals and keep bringing them to our mind, the brain gets the signal to act upon them. The second step is to be in a constant state of motivation. This is where a vision board comes into play. It is a normal bulletin board comprising images of what you wish to achieve, motivational texts and pictures, life goals, planner, progress report and almost anything that keeps you focused on your goals.

Vision board is an effective and important element in your goal achievement efforts. It presents a powerful way to put the infallible law of attraction to work in your favor. Here is a very simple and fun way of creating a vision board.

  • Take a big piece of carton, glue, scissors and some magazines
  • Flip through the magazines and zero down on the pictures that best represent what you want in life. Whether it is that perfect house, the car, or a vacation in an exotic locale, cut out all the images that portray your dreams. It is important to use the exact images of what you want. This not only helps you to get absolutely clear about what you want but also helps quicken the manifestation process
  • Next, paste them on the board
  • For more power, feel free to add affirmations such as "I love driving by new BMW" or "I am enjoying my dream job". Have fun designing the board
  • Feel free to add uplifting quotations to inspire you
  • Once you are done, hang the board at a place where you can see it several times every day

Why you must have a vision board?

It helps to stay clear and focused - With a vision board in place, you cannot get lost. You have everything you need out there in front of you. It serves as a reminder of your priorities and of what you truly desire.

It keeps you inspired - It is easy to lose motivation along the journey. Looking at a vision board the first thing in the morning and several times during the day keeps you pumped up and motivated.

It has a greater effect than thinking - Seeing your goals in front of you, is better than imagining them. It is clearer, positive and there are no chances of negativity showing up in the pictures, which might be possible while you are just “imagining.”

Make it a point to stop by your vision board as often as you can and really FEEL that you have already achieved your dreams. The powerful feelings of love, joy and gratitude will help these very things to show up in your life. Stay positive, inspired and just BELIEVE that you will manifest the life you want and of course definitely deserve!


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