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Vital health benefits of a good sleep

Updated on April 3, 2012
A sound sleep is just like taking a rest in the lap of Mother Nature
A sound sleep is just like taking a rest in the lap of Mother Nature | Source

Sleep is the best gift offered by the Mother Nature to all the creatures of this world. But nowadays, due to changed lifestyle, taking a sound sleep has become as difficult as to search a mirage in the desert. In the fast running life, most of us have forgotten that sleep is an indispensable part of our life and must to live a healthy life. A sound sleep can improve your personality many folds. For a normal person, a sleep of 6-8 years is sufficient.

There are tons of health benefits of a sound sleep and can’t be completed in one hub. In this hub I am discussing the top ten vital health benefits of a sound sleep. I hope you all will take benefit from this hub to the maximum.

From my personal experience I have learned that most prominent personalities in this world have one secret of their energy – A good and sound sleep. You also must have noticed that day in which you have highest energy in your nerves is the one when you get the sound sleep in the preceding night. Now, let me come to the core of the hub and here I am starting my discussion on the benefits of a sound sleep.

A good Sleep is must for a good memory

Memory and good sleep are very well interlinked. Have you ever noticed that why children have sharper memory as compared to adults or oldies? The main reason for this is that as we grow older we get vulnerable to day to day stresses whereas, a small child always enjoys his sleep to the maximum. Just make a habit of taking at least 7 hours sleep daily and after few days you will be amazed with your increased memory.

Studies also have shown that if you are deprived from sleep for 36 hours after learning a new thing then you will forget the 40% of the things you have learned.

A good sleep is the secret of long life

All of us want to live a long and healthy life. Although, death is the ultimate truth of life but no one wants to die young. So, the simplest trick to live a long life is to have a good and sound sleep daily. A good sleep provides rest to the every organ of our body and rejuvenates them to work again with more efficiency.

You can compare your body with a machinery, if you employ a machine continuously to work then, more likely there will be a break down in the machinery before the expected life.

A good sleep is the key for enhanced concentration

Study at the cost of sleep can hamper your concentration
Study at the cost of sleep can hamper your concentration | Source

I have seen many students studying whole night during the exam days. The worst thing is that it has become a common trend for almost every student. But let me ask a simple question. If you can cover a topic in just 2 hours after a sound sleep then why to waste the whole night for the same at the cost of your sleep? A sound sleep enhances your concentration many times as after sleep our mind is in the most active and fresh mode. This is the chief reason why most of the great teachers abolish the idea of late night study.

A good sleep for concentration is not only important for a student only, but also has the same importance for adults. It is now a well-known fact that one of the major reasons for road accidents is sleep deprivation. A sleep deprived driver can’t concentrate fully on the road and which sometimes becomes life threatening.

A good sleep keeps your weight in control

A good sleep maintains our metabolism up to date which results in healthy weight. Trust me, if you have a habit of taking sufficient sleep daily then you will never suffer from obesity or under-weight problem in your life.

I have seen many people putting lots of efforts in gym or by dieting to keep their weight in control. But there will be no need for such tiring options of weight control if you will successfully inculcate the habit of sound sleep daily. Remember, daily sleep of 8 hours is equivalent to the heavy work out of one hour in the gym daily.

A good sleep lays the foundation of a stress free life

Nowadays, stress has become an inseparable part of our day to day routine. Now, every third person in our society complains about the problem of high blood pressure. But, have you ever bothered to think about the main root of this increased stress in our daily life?

For me, the simplest answer to this is the increased habit of compromising sleep among the people is playing the lead role for such situation. Prolonged stress can also leads to depression which can cause more implications to the life.

Remember, a healthy mind fights better with the stress and for a healthy mind; it is mandatory that you should take proper and sound sleep daily.

Let be your thoughts be as creative as they can be
Let be your thoughts be as creative as they can be | Source

More you sleep more will be your creativity

To be in creative mode, your mind always needs rest after a regular interval of time. During sleep there is a release of certain hormones in the body which are very vital in imparting creativity to the mind. It’s the creativity which lays the foundation of making a great personality.

After a sound sleep, your mind feels stronger emotionally and which is an important criteria for generating creative thoughts. Remember that creative ideas are always generated in afresh mind.

A good sleep always enhances your stamina

Consider a situation; you have brought a new vehicle. Now, if you will not do proper service of it then what will happen? Surely, after some days the performance and mileage of the vehicle will drop down drastically. Similar is the situation with our body which is similar to a vehicle which requires regular servicing of sleep after regular interval of time.

The more you service your body better it will perform. Remember, compromising your sleep for your work is never going to benefit you except in hampering your stamina.

A sound sleep is the secret of high immunity

The immune system of a person who daily takes proper sleep is far stronger than a sleep deprived person. During sleep, body produces lots of antibodies which are the fighters of immune system against many infections. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation is also one of the major causes of asthma.

Also, sleep deprived persons are more prone to diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, arthritis and so on. Person who sleeps less are also more vulnerable to the inflammation in the body which can cause many auto immune diseases.

This whole hub is written with the intention of reminding you the vital health benefits of a sound sleep which most of us have forgotten in the race of fast going modern life. But, we must not forget that nature always believes in maintaining the balance in the body. Any deed done against the law of nature can result in the threatening implications for the future. So, to enjoy a healthy long life just inculcate a single habit of regular sleep. It will pay you in longer run.

Any comment regarding this hub will be highly appreciated from the readers. Till, then goodbye and have a happy sleep nights full of wonderful dreams.

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      rajat agrawal 5 years ago

      i am a student of class 10 (2012-13) . the information helped me a lot in completion of my school project . the things were up to my expectations.

      i liked it..... :)