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What Vitamins Help Boost an Underactive Thyroid

Updated on July 23, 2008

How Vitamins Help Thyroid Function

Just by browsing the aisles at a grocery store, there’s evidence of how obsessed our culture is with dieting. The foods of our childhood are slowly being morphed into more diet-friendly versions to help mankind conform to the socially acceptable standard of thin.

There are lean cuisine dinners, multi-grain Cheerios, and raw chocolate. And yet, a majority of people don’t know how exactly our bodies work. The nucleus of metabolic hormonal management lies with our thyroid glands. When faced with thyroid problems, victims can experience frustration with weight management and overall healthiness. There is a solution. Smart nutritional choices can appease many difficulties associated with a malfunctioning thyroid.

Symptoms of Poor Thyroid

Research tells us there are a multitude of correlations between the nutrients we give our bodies and resulting levels of thyroid hormones, such as retinol, zinc, alpha-tocopherol, and selenium.

Scientists have strongly believe that by observing the human body after taking in vitamins, there will be discoveries which will lead to solutions in thyroid disease control which will allow people to live healthier lives. Two common types of thyroid disorders include Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. When a thyroid gland is performing at a sub-standard activity level, it results in Hypothyroidism.

Mental Despair, Increased Weight Gain, Stress, Tiredness, Sleeping Disorder, Weakened Immune System, Constipation, and Poor Memory are all symptoms of Hypothyroidism. In contrast, Hyperthyroidism is where the thyroid gland is overly active. Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism are Weight Loss, Hair Loss, Excretory Disorders, Difficulty Breathing, Heat, and Sweaty Skin. Those who suffer from these diseases are lucky that with the right nutritional supplements, many of these symptoms can be counteracted.

Taking the Right Vitamins

In order to better comprehend its problems, we should learn some fundamental guidelines concerning the thyroid. The thyroid is a harmonious partner to your immune system. Therefore, a strong immune system means there’s a functioning thyroid.

To bring your immune system to a healthy state, simply add vitamins intake to your daily routine. The best thyroid vitamins include:

  • B vitamins have shown to be highly effective in treating thyroid disorders.

  • Like B vitamins, anti-oxidant rich nutrients such as Vitamins C and E as well as co-enzyme Q10 also act as forceful instruments in thyroid healthfulness.

  • A daily cocktail of Vitamins B and C, zinc, copper and amino acid tyrosine are essential in maintaining the basic workings of the thyroid. Undergoing this vitamin treatment should prove sufficient in repairing any thyroid disorder concerns.

Although science will continue to study this topic, it has definitively confirmed that a body’s healthfulness requires on a healthy thyroid. Combating thyroid malfunctions with the right vitamin cocktails should accomplish this goal.

Not monitoring the thyroid is asking for a myriad of quandaries; therefore, it is crucial that we are knowledgeable on good nutrition and what its effects are on the body. Findings such as this could finally rid society of the need to attempt scam diets, and instead people will have a firm comprehension that the struggle with maintaining a healthy thyroid begins with vitamin treatment.

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    • profile image

      thyroidshyperg 7 years ago

      You can also add this tips from me. Being realistic about your goals and objectives and understand that being a certain weight or size is not at all times the best goal when living with hypothyroidism.

    • profile image

      symptomsofthyroid 8 years ago

      co-enzyme Q10. How does this affect your thyroid or even help it. I thought it was for helping with blood pressure? I sure have learned a few things reading this.