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Vitamins and Minerals For Good Health

Updated on October 14, 2012
A good balance of vitamins and minerals can supplement your diet
A good balance of vitamins and minerals can supplement your diet | Source

In these modern times, many people are attempting to improve their health. Different media sources give us lots of information about the various health complaints people have. There are so many vitamin and mineral nutritional supplements that it is worth while finding out more about them before you purchase. Be sure to get the necessary information to avoid wasting time and money.

Looking at the different kinds of supplements is essential to determine which are right for you. Another factor to consider is synergy i.e. the interaction of supplements with each other. For example, taking iron supplements is best done while taking vitamin C as this improves the absorption of iron.

Changing your diet to exclude sugar, fats and processed or refined foods will go a long way towards getting benefits from any nutritional supplements you choose to take as a comprehensive approach to optimizing your health is best in the long run.

Incorporating healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables and salads means that you will get the full benefits of any nutritional supplements you take to complement your improved diet.

In ideal circumstances, getting advice from a nutritionist will ensure that you are optimizing your health through eating the correct foods along with the appropriate supplements. In the context of not having access to a nutritionist or a dietitian, your local pharmacist or ideally your local health food store personnel will have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on what supplements to take in the best combination to meet your specific needs.

.In broad terms, it is often best to supplement with a multivitamin/multimineral supplement and add the specific extra supplements advised by your pharmacist/dietitian/nutritionist for your own specific needs. Each individual will have different supplement needs so be sure not to use a d.i.y. approach unless you have educated yourself about what supplements are best for you.

There are many online resources for finding out more about how to supplement your diet or you can refer to the many books and articles written on the subject. However, it is worth pointing out that this is not as good as taking advice and guidance from experts in the field as mentioned above. Taking advice from a professional is still much better than deciding what to supplement your diet with yourself.

Exercise, proper diet and the right supplements will give you a better quality of life overall so these lifestyle changes are well worth it.

In summary, taking nutritional supplements can complement healthy eating and an exercise regime to give you a better quality of life. Rather than choosing the supplements yourself, take the advice of your doctor, nutritionist, pharmacist or dietitian and remember that synergy is the key to the right intake of supplements as many vitamins and minerals work better in tandem with each other than when taken individually.

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    • Kate Mc Bride profile imageAUTHOR

      Kate McBride 

      6 years ago from Donegal Ireland

      Thanks for stopping by rajan jolly, taking the time to comment and for your votes. Glad you liked the hub.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 

      6 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      An interesting and useful hub. The importance of getting proper and right amounts of nutrients in our body is of paramount importance to staying healthy.

      Voting up, useful.


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