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Healthy Lifestyle ... Mother Nature Heals You

Updated on March 19, 2011

Nature allows you to sustain life

Humanity thrives under Matriarch Rule
Humanity thrives under Matriarch Rule

Vitamins, Herbs and Supplements...Saves Lives!

Our Planet Earth has changed greatly with each Century that passes. Our Parents, and Grand parents lived a different life, compared to the life we live now. Planetary damage areas like: pollution, ozone layer, oil & gas drilling, burning of fossil fuels (to name a "few") are altering the Human Race. Add in the factor of the mass lack of nutrition, poor food quality, contaminated waters, germs everywhere you turn, and touch. With strains of this, strains of that, growing into super strains, & on & on. There is a war going on here now, it's deadly, and you will not know when you come in contact with it, or have already been effected by it. Until... When? When it's too late?

Taking Vitamins, and Supplements (to the side of: Many different things), will arm you with the necessary ammo against all these factors. There is no doubt about it. The human body functions in a certain manner, and it will not be ignored. Consider the Vitamins, and Supplements your front line defense team. Proper fire power is necessary to adapt to current ever changing way of life on planet Earth.

Our destruction, and the long list of things we have done here on planet Earth has indeed dictated a "longer list" of things we will succumb to. It was made to order by Mankind. Now that we are standing here looking at all the damages, while our friends, and family go for cancer treatments, and the long list of health problems we hear about every day of our lives. The commercials for medical problems monopolize the circuit!

This is a mass attack on humanity, and if you are not paying attention to what is going on here, then you are the destined victim. What will you be captured by?

Our lives are based on trust, and working together. Somewhere we went astray, and it turned into greed, and every man for himself. It failed us, and here we are today. Our own creations, and industry have hurt the human race, and our planet. Manufacturers of food, are manufacturers because they are a profit based company who doesn't know you, but wants you to buy their product. There is one driving factor here...profit. They want you to buy it, and you are willing. Their stock goes up, and your health goes down. The "People" will decide who will make it, and who will not. It is really up to them.

Through corporate efforts in marketing, and advertising, your ability to ward off involuntary influence of your mind from repetitive data being relayed through TV, Radio, Print ads, etc. is what will effect you, and determine how much you actually control your own life. Your strength within is the only power you have to overcome influential input from an outside source. We are all "involuntarily" influenced on a moment to moment basis, every day of our lives. It's a huge factor in what we develop into.

Gearing ourselves towards "Real" Nutrition & eating only what is healthy for the body, allows us to better control our own destinies. The ultimate choice should be yours, and yours alone. Refusing to buy Product with man made Constituents, and poor quality ingredients are what will give back the control to the people. Keep patronizing them, and they will win. It boils right down to Math, and the Dollar. Profit is the dictator of how they will effect you you, in influencing you to buy.

Our life depends on our strength to fight. The list of things we already have to fight is great. Our indifference to acknowledge our mass lack of health is really what will be our demise. I am hoping there are more people like me, who will continue to spread the word on how to get healthy Fast, so the people once again can have their choices back, how they choose to live.

Optimum Health, (some people who were so used to being unhealthy, refer to it as super Health) To's better than super, it's great. I got to live to tell the story! The ultimate satisfaction. I have accomplished amazing things through nutrition, and continue my quest to tell anyone who wishes to listen.

The only reason you may want to listen could be that it saved my life. I am an example of how well vitamins, and supplements really do work. I have perfect blood work to prove it. I have no cholesterol problem, and I have maintained the same weight my whole adult life. Including after having my daughter. I get a Blood test usually every year or so, to monitor my vitamin levels, and see what I may be deficient in.

People can make the choice to be healthy, you do not need to ask anyone for permission. There could never be another individual, unless conjoined...that is going to know your body better than you. You need to decide what goes into your body, and what will not direct your funds in life towards your health, instead of giving all your money to things that can be eliminated.

A healthy diet is actually cheaper, believe it or not. By taking all the necessary vitamins, and supplements every day you do not eat as much, and no longer crave things you did before. cravings are usually a sign of deficiency in certain nutrients. Inevitably you are saving money, living better, feeling better, and you are no longer the little advertising puppet caught by involuntary influence.

Efforts put into our own lives, brings better results to us as a whole. We are people with great strength, and we seem to have given it up to negative forces, who do not have our best interest at heart... or should I say pocket. You have not been given all the facts, to afford you a fair opportunity to make an intelligent decision. Our people are in grave jeopardy because of our mass dysfunction.

Forget the depression, and illness, and get up, and fight! Only the people matter here, nothing else. Things do not matter. Our survival, and getting educated quickly how to save ourselves, and our planet is all that matters today. Period.

Our Society has a reached a shocking level of focusing on death because of mass dysfunction across the land. The media spreads the word about death, and it travels very fast. Imagine if the focus were reversed, and the word spread as quickly, to get healthy fast, how many things would change dramatically. The focus should be that the human body does not negotiate health. You will either pump it full of the necessary nutrients, or you just will not function, it's cut, and dry. Realizing that fact is the start of a high quality life. Quality meaning, you actually feel good, and are being productive.

Vitamins, and Supplements are critical for everyone to take to combat the dangers that exist all around us. It is not the exception, it is the rule. It is imperative to be aware of the facts, and advantages you have, to get fantastic results from taking care of yourself...naturally. It's the best, most appropriate answer, to gain back your strength, and control of your life.

Uniting our people through nature, and nutrition, creates the strongest bond, and human strength there is. The stronger we are as a race, the better our lives, and planet will become, because we are able to make more intelligent decisions. A Brain that fires properly is capable of absolutely astounding things. Far beyond what we know about it already. There is much more we don't know, than we do know.

Our people are much nicer, and work well together when health is present, and maintains being the driving force behind them. vitamins, and supplements will change you for sure. What you are used to now, will not be what you become used to months later from when you started. You are taking the food of life by doing this daily. You will be able to recognize changes going on, and you will feel the improvement. Pay attention to that aspect, and never forget it. It's a motivating factor to keep you on the right path.

The must buy book I always recommend is: The Prescription For Nutritional Healing. It is the Nutrition Bible, and it's an excellent resource, and reference to use, and keep handy. It will guide you safely, and it's very explanatory, and informative. So much so, that people are reporting back to me that they are actually reading it as a book, as opposed to just a reference guide. It's a great place to start.

You have to start somewhere, and getting all the vitamins, and supplements you need is where it all begins. It's fun, and easy to manage once you are in a routine, and your Balance is correct. I take my vitamins, herbs, and supplements in a very fancy antique glass every day, because I worship my life, and feel so lucky to be alive. It should be focused on, and treated as an extremely important part of life.

Spread the word to people you care about, and care about the people you do not know too. I do not have to know you to care about you, and I would hope that you would do the same thing for another. It's the chain reaction we need for our people to gain back control of our existence. We are really a nice bunch of people, when our brains are working properly, and we are not so overwhelmed with health problems.

Who wins, what in the end anyway? It's better to have the quality of life right now. The only focus our people should have is...Taking care of ourselves, The right way...for us. For the Love of life, and the good of the many. Our people can conquer, and win. We are all here for a very important reason. We need to fulfill the correct destinies that were really meant to be. Eliminating this alternate reality, and reversing what has been done.

Our power to change this is within all people. Our focus on what is important in life, will dictate where we spend our money. Choose the sources you spend money with wisely. Make sure what you buy is the best quality you can get, and do not allow negative outside influence to cause you to deviate from what is correct.

The Power of Choice is what the people possess. Applying our power is what will change everything for the better. The people fighting for the people. A simple, sane, sensible approach to combating the monumental proportions of damage sustained. Fighting together is the answer, for all people. That way we get to stay here. Our kids, and their kids need a place to stay. Can we do it for them?

Smile...It's Contagious!

Smile...It's Contagious!

When Life Comes At You Full Force...Hit The Bottles!...Of Vitamins!
When Life Comes At You Full Force...Hit The Bottles!...Of Vitamins! A Nationwide Non Profit Corp. For The Good Of The Many For The Good Of The Many


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      GOod info for printing, thanks! Into holistic style here and healthier lifestyle. Need this more.

    • BrainFire profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from The Island

      Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

    • starcatchinfo profile image


      10 years ago



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