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Volcano Meditation

Updated on January 21, 2017
Be The Mountain
Be The Mountain

Decompress & Renew

Take your attention into your body and breath deep into a soft belly.

Breathe deep, and imagine you are a mountain, tall and strong, reaching up into the heavens, rooted deep in the earth.

Notice what it’s like being a mountain, so tall, strong and upright.

Notice some details about yourself as this mountain - your textures, your colors, your shape, and size.

Imagine what it’s like, caressed by the weather surrounding and engulfing you.

Notice how it feels in your body - you are the mountain.

And imagine you become aware of a rumbling deep within.

A feeling of power and capacity for potent expression.

And with your breath, imagine drawing forth this power, rising as you inhale, moving down on your exhale.

And let your magma flow, breathing it up, exhaling it down; feel the ooze and flow as it hotly moves over the surfaces of your mountainsides, moving down, finding its way into the water.

And notice what it’s like, moving deeply into the water, steam bursting in this union, then slowed, soothed, transformed in the enveloping wetness, creating a legacy.

And returning your awareness to deep within, notice there the pressure pockets begging release.

And noticing the passageway through which you can vent this pressure, breath deep into those places longing for relief and, according to your desire, release the evidence of your passion into the air.

And notice, as your cloud of ash and lava mix with the air before settling itself down onto the earth, fostering fertility in its soil-union, enriching the land that nourishes all.


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