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Updated on September 15, 2009

Weighing In On The Fantasies And The Metaphors

     I keep wanting to lose a little weight.  Notice how I say a little.  Makes me feel better than to say a bunch of weight.  I also want to change some of my habits.  I have a fantasy of eating like a Yogi, where I slowly bring the food to my lips, smell it first, and then slowly chew and savor every morsel.  A meal would probably take several days!  The reality is I’m a vacuum cleaner and a meal lasts minutes, maybe!

     I have a fantasy of being able to sit down in the evening and sip on a glass of my favorite red wine.  Sniff the wine first, roll it around the inside of my mouth like mouth wash, as I was taught at a wine tasting class, and then slowly consume the glass, one sip at a time.  Instead, I drink my glass of wine as if I discovered it on an oasis after crawling across the desert on my hands and knees!


     I have fantasies of having a restaurant size bowl of my favorite ice cream, and being satisfied.  The reality is I hide behind the freezer door, and eat directly out of the carton or I fill up a large bowl with scoops and scoops as if I was fattening up for the starring role in a movie about sumo wrestlers!


     My little bit of excess weight (excess baggage) perhaps is more metaphor than fat, although it IS fat and does distort my abdomen and gives me my great Ted Kennedy jowls.


     So what are the metaphors?  Is there anything else in my life that I could pack around other than excess weight, anything else that would make me feel safe, full, or fulfilled.  Maybe that’s what packing a piece is all about.  But I’m not into that kind of weaponry, so I won’t be purchasing a firearm.  Now, that’s an interesting word, firearm.  But maybe if I packed around an abundance of love, maybe if I packed around ten thousand neurons that when they fired left me feeling vibrant, maybe that would fill me up.


     Other metaphors.  So where has the sweetness gone, the sugar, what’s cookin’ in my life that is just too hot to taste and savor, or what’s going up in smoke that leaves me feeling empty and hungry?   A new 60's song in the works, “Where have all the neurons gone?”


     So a little food for thought for all of us who are tying to lose a little weight, a little appetizer of what I’ll be weighing in on right here on hubpages.  Hopefully several times a week.  Look for it, and please share your comments.  Your comments or story might weigh in with someone else who is on this journey and support them in taking a little weight off their shoulders or off their chest or might give them the inspiration to give away one of their chins!. 


Thanks for reading.



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