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Welcome to the World’s Largest Black Hole of Greed

Updated on April 16, 2019
Beata Stasak profile image

Beata works as a qualified primary school teacher, a councillor for drug and alcohol addiction and a farm caretaker for organic olive grow.

Developed and also many developing countries are adopting the universal health care but ‘Trumpland’ likes its’ universal healthy wealthy care’ the best.

Let us go back to 1950, the age of blockbuster drugs for all mental disorders and pain generally.

The pharmaceutical companies find the gold mine to make easy and fast profits.

All they needed is to have medical professionals on their side who can make some extra easy money to their pockets too. By the of the 1950s one in three prescriptions in ‘Trumpland’ was for ‘meprobamate’, which dampened anxiety. By 1990, every third citizen received Prozac prescriptions each month. Pharmaceutical companies popularized the notion that anxiety, depression and so on were caused by chemical imbalance. Right them and you could become not just well, but better than well. By 2000 for just mere unpleasant feelings of discomfort in your body caused often by unhealthy sedative lifestyle of overeating and over drinking doctors used to prescribe painkillers. Only recently pharmaceutical companies are pulling back, as stricter testing rules reveal how little good and often even harm many of their products do. One of the worst side effect of the most painkillers is in their addictivness.

Today the opioid addiction sweeping ‘Trumpland’ is devastating.

It affects mainly poor people who switched from painkillers to cheap illegal harmful drugs after they could not longer afford doctors’ prescriptions.

It kills around 60,000 people annually mostly young people. It has contributed to three years of falling life expectancy-the first such sustained fall since the first world war.

There is an advantage in it for healthy wealthy who need organ transplants. In 2017 one in eight deceased organ donors in ‘Trumpland’ died from an overdose, compared to one in hundred in 2000. Fatal drug overdoses usually kill by starving the brain of oxygen. As far as organ donation is concerned, brain death is the more useful kind. That is because it takes some time fro the heart to register the loss of brain function and stop beating-at which point organs begin to deteriorate rapidly. Moreover, the opioid epidemic as mentioned before has been concentrated among younger people who still possess high quality organs. Thanks to new technology wealthy patients do not need to be afraid of ‘infectious risk donors’ as they are called in medical circles. Young people who die from overdose have, at some point, shared needles with other users. That spreads viruses such as hepatitis C and HIV but in recent years, wealthy can afford new medicines for hepatitis C where they are cured of it completely after accepting the infected donor’s organs.

As president said at his private club recently his ‘Trumpland’ needs to ‘get rid of the whole health assistance system’ and get rid of junkies, poor and sick.'

“Our country is full of poor and sick,” he declared while gorging on his thick juicy steak:

“We can’t take care of you if you can’t take care of yourself, that’s the way it is.”

One of the ‘Trumpists’ present joked that the recent opioid addiction among poor American youth is good for something. The president will get his new young organs fast if necessary which in his unhealthy lifestyle and advanced age is more than probable.

On April 10th the president announced that ‘there’s only one person irreplaceable in ‘Trumpland’. You know who that is? It’s me.”

With that attitude why would ever the powerful and wealthy care about good universal health care? The ‘healthy wealthy care’ serves them just right.


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