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The 5 Bite Diet, You're Kidding Right?

Updated on January 17, 2016

Could you eat this slice of pizza in 5 bites?

5 Bites of what?

I was searching the Internet as I do from time to time, that is when I have time, looking for an easy diet plan to help me shed this extra baby fat. Baby fat from the last 22 years of having babies that is!

As my last child is four months old, and I had a Tubal Ligation with no plans of having anymore, I figured it was time to have my body back!

So anyway, I come across this "5 Bite Diet", comes from a book written by a Dr. Alwin Lewis called "Why Weight Around", whom discovered this so called secret while in college and lost 50 plus pounds in a month! The diet , from what I have gathered goes something like this:

  • You skip Breakfast ( the most important meal of the day!)
  • At lunch you can have anything, that's right , anything, but you can only take five bites of it.
  • At dinner, once again, you can have anything your heart desires, but, that's right!, you can only have 5 bites once again.
  • One bite a day should be a high-value protein
  • Dieters should take a multi-vitamin once a day

Now, I don't know about you, but if I only take ten bites a day of food, that's not much food. That's the theory, after a few days, your stomach will shrink, it's been compared to by-pass surgery with out the surgery!

It reminds me of the time I came down with a parasite in my system, nearly starved to death, but I sure did lose weight! I lost about 40 pounds in a month and a half before a smart intern finally figured out what was wrong with me. By that time, my body was in serious danger of dehydration and low potassium that they were surprised my heart hadn't started having problems. Oh, the parasite was "Giardia". I couldn't eat, couldn't keep anything in or down, if you know what I mean!

So, am I comparing this diet to that of a parasitic infestation? Yea, I kind of am, because you would have to be doing nearly the same damage to your body!


I have an idea for a diet! I'm going to call it the Giardia Diet! Here's what you can eat:

  • Gatorade
  • Popsicles
  • Ice, (you may add some water if you like)
  • Soup broth if you can stomach on certain days!
  • Saltine crackers on really, really good days!

Perhaps I should write a book? Okay, so that was a little sarcasm, and I by no means suggest anyone try it! It can cause serious damage to your body and your health, including your mental state!

But what's the difference from my so called diet and this 5 bite diet I ask you?


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    • profile image

      Gregory Wilder 6 years ago

      I believe that avoiding ready-made foods would be the first step to be able to lose weight. They can taste good, but highly processed foods possess very little nutritional value, making you feed on more only to have enough strength to get through the day. For anyone who is constantly ingesting these foods, transitioning to cereals and other complex carbohydrates will make you to have more vitality while ingesting less. Thanks a lot : ) for your blog post.

      take a visit :

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    • profile image

      Ermira Belkovi 8 years ago

      I love this dieat in 3 months I lost 55 pounds and I am going to loose 50 more pounds! I love this diet!!!

    • profile image

      BIg Daddy 9 years ago

      You people are amazingly stupid. If you need to lose only 20 or so pounds, this diet is not for you, but for us fat folks who weigh over 300lbs, this diet is a godsend. I have been on it for a month and and have lost almost 30lbs. I still need to lose 160lbs so I aint waiting 5 years for these other diets to do the trick. AND EXACTLY WHAT DO YOU THINK WE ARE EATING FOR THESE 5 BITES, not salad. One slice of pizza now is about 5 bites for me whereas I used to eat a whole pizza. After 5 bites I am feeling full and these people talking about you will pass out or die of starvation are INSANE. I plan to be on this diet until I weight 160lbs which should be about a year and its teaching me that I need to be eating much smaller portions. These folks with their 6 meals a day diets, SUCK, I would much rather lose 5-10lbs a week that .5 or maybe 2 if you're lucky. If you have a lot of weight to lose, try this diet, its nothing like these know it all know nothings are saying

    • profile image

      MJB 10 years ago

      There is nothing better than this book out there. I started out thinking that this Dr. was a quack. He asked me to give him 7 days on this diet to see if I didn't feel better. it was 7 days of hell, then he was right. My appetitie did go away and strength did come up and I really felt better. This diet works because none of us "fatties" want to diet for a long time, we want results immediately. You get results with this. Trust me, get through the first 7 days and you will feel great.

      Note-Basically you'll have to go to bed at 6pm and forget life the first seven days because it will be miserable. 7 weeks so far 40 lbs off.

    • Just Toyia profile image

      Just Toyia 10 years ago from Tennessee

      Knowing- Thanks for your comment, I was being sarcastic as I wrote in the article- However, my view stands as is...the 5 bite diet is NOT a HEALTHY diet- and of course you don't stay on it forever, no one stays on any "diet " forever- I know all too well what Giardia can do - been there, lived it- my point was anyone can write a book anymore and call it a "diet" and people will buy it- healthy or not.......we all KNOW the right way to eat and exercise we just don't do it......If I have the will power to only it 5 bites of something in front of me, I have the willpower to do anything!

    • profile image

      KnowingIs1/2DaBattle 10 years ago

      Unfortunately you can't compare it to Giarda. The dehydration and low potassium was caused by the depletion of fluids CAUSED by the bacteria (remember diarrhea and vomitting expels a lot of water from the body). In no way, shape or form is this diet advocating the depletion of water. Moreover, most Americans are not active, so eating breakfast would not burn the calories of that of an active person. Your body is fasting for 5-8 hours while you sleep, thus burning calories. So skipping breakfast is actually prolonging that fat burning process. It is scientific knowledge that the human body can live an extended period of time without food (but NOT without water). So realistically, 10 bites of food can be enough food. Also, I've read the book. The book does not say that you eat like this forever. You can go back to eating regularly. The thing you take from this diet is better portion control. We as Americans already over-eat. And we go to restaurants that serve an individual enough food for 3 days.

    • Just Toyia profile image

      Just Toyia 10 years ago from Tennessee

      Thanks for commenting Funride- This guy is making money off a book for this diet! It kills me!

      Unfortunately, I wasn't able to breastffed, so not a problem there- but thanks for the concern on that!

    • funride profile image

      Ricardo Nunes 10 years ago from Portugal

      LOLOL Giardia diet EHEHEH I´m still laughing with this one! I loved your sarcasm and I must agree with you that everyday a new "wonder-diet" borns and people have to think a little to avoid health problems due to those crazy diets.

      Very interesting and informative hub! And if you´re still breastfeeding please DON´T make any diet - wait until you stop! I´m sure you´ll know what to eat at least you show us that you know what you shouldn´t do ;)