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Updated on July 1, 2012

My Favorite Flower

Hi Sammie, everyone copes differently. I have been through a lot in my life from raped to abused wife to losing a loved one and I can say that I still may not be able to say to anyone I know how you feel because everyone has different beliefs. If you believe that God Almighty gave you his wonderful son as a repurchaser for your life then you should also believe and know that you are worthy meaning you are so worthy that someone thought to give his life willingly for you when he could have had anything else that he wanted he wanted to save your life. He wanted you to have the best life ever. If you read the Bible it says that Love covers over a multitude of sins that means in fact that if you have love no matter what happens in life; love will conquer, hatred, war, fear, sadness, etc... If you have love you won't hurt yourself, others, or allow others to be hurt or yourself to be hurt because it also says love your neighbor as yourself. I cope knowing that someone loved me enough to say I am worthy. Someone loves you enough to tell you that you are worth of being given life, you are worthy of hope, you are worthy to be loved. I know for a fact that you are living because life was given to you as a gift and anything you face is not an obstacle but a training and it is your job to find out what you need to learn from this training. When I was raped it was my job to learn to take care of myself and be aware of those who may hurt me, when I was an abused wife it taught me to learn to love myself first in order to teach others how to love me, when I had 2nd stage cancer it taught me how to love and take care of myself but all the things that I faced were teachers in my life to teach me how to love myself and tell others that you are worthy and no matter what you face in life you can handle it because you have something to give to all of us and we are waiting for you to share your gift. Sammie your gift is you and your love for yourself and others, are your gifts to the world. when you find yourself going into that dark place tell those negative voices to shut up tell that voice SHUT UP BECAUSE I AM WORTHY I AM SOMEBODY I HAVE A WONDERFUL GIFT TO SHARE AND STARTING TODAY I LOVE ME. Everytime you feel that dark place coming, say those words think of something beautiful in your life that you once experienced and hold on to that thought and feeling and the pain will pass. We all have moments of depression it's how we learn from those moments that builds our character and helps us face all our lessons in life.

If you are still facing sorrow remember you are normal, you are ok. Don't worry if anyone says things to you like why are you so depressed or you shouldn't feel that way. I use to have suicidal thoughts all the time, like ramming my car into a telephone poll or running off the road etc... but I realized that my God gave me life to live it and I have something wonderful to give. You are a gift to us don't ever think for one minute you aren't. You don't have to create something super like a car, boat, plane etc... to contribute to the world. If you help someone in need by listening, crying with them, encouraging them, etc... you have given something to the world, Because when you encourage one person and build that person up, they become confident so much so they help someone etc... You have just started changing the world. One story I know was a very spiritual single mother was putting her daughter to bed one night but this was after when she came home for shopping. She grabbed the bible next to her bed explaining to her daughter how much God loves her and cares for her more than the birds and the flowers. After she put her daughter to bed she was not aware that a man was hiding under her bed. See he broke in while they were gone and before he could leave she was in the house so he hid under her bed. As she was putting her daughter to sleep he was able to leave. Several years later she was at a religious convention and this man approached saying you don't know me but I wanted to thank you for changing my life, here is your Bible I took from your house and he started to tell her the story. She laughed smiled and cried. No she didn't get him arrested but she realized how important it is to be loving all the time and she gave a lesson indirectly to someone who's life could have changed for the worst instead it changed for the better.

I know that depression can be debilitating to the point you cry everyday and night. It can be so hard to even get out of bed, go outside, or want to even live. I want you to know life your life is a gift and your gift is something no one else can give to the world. Like Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, Eli Whitney etc... there gifts to the world was to help make us better, your gift to the world is something that you love and no one can stop you from doing it. Listen to your loves and you will know what you are here for. Take care my friend and believe me when I say you are definitely a gift.


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