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Should you get the FLU shot? How much should you spend?

Updated on September 15, 2011

Flun't worrie, this might help...

As an LPN and a concerned health care provider I get a lot of questions about the flu shot. For starters you can’t get the flu from the flu shot, however you can get sick after getting the flu shot. You can even get the FLU shortly after. The flu shot is a dead virus of the (usually last year’s 3 most popular) flu stands. After injection your body goes into defense mode to kill the virus even though it is already dead, your body cannot decipher between the two. So with your immune system busy making T-cells to fight against the flu invasion it makes you susceptible for other viruses or germs.

Healthier people who eat right, take a multi vitamin and exercise have a less of a chance of getting sick after getting the flu shot. Their bodies can bounce back fast than say someone who eats poorly or is just recovering from another illness. This is why you should never be sick when you get the flu shot, you body will take longer to build anti-bodies and you have a higher chance of getting sick(er). As someone who is prone to bronchitis every year regardless I always get the flu shot and I get it early, about late August or early September so that my body has time to adapt to defending its self against the flu, without the flu shot I get even sicker every winter than I do with it.

The question is who should get the flu shot. If you are allergic to eggs you should see your physician before getting one. Any child over 6 weeks should get one especially if you are not breast feeding, the child gets its anti-bodies from the mother’s milk. Any person that is working with the public; sales, health care, restaurant, daycare, schools etc. should get the shot.

Now you want to know where? I know that a majority of people do not have health insurance and/or don’t like waiting in a waiting room with a room full of sick people. So if not going to your doctor’s office is not your thing there are flu clinics available to the general public. These flu clinics offer a shorter waiting time, in many cases they accept your insurance or Medicare/Medicaid and if you have no health insurance they offer the flu shot without the charge of seeing a professional to administer it. If you go to your doctor you have to pay a doctor visit fee along with the vaccination fee and any other fees they can throw in your bill. One trusted business that offers flu shots at a very reasonable cost is Mollen Immunization; I have provided the link below. They offer clinics at locations like Wal-Mart and Peebles, offer LPNs and RNs, and at the cost of $25.00 in NY, some times less depending on the location. Mollen is a worldwide business and is very strict on their employees, they hire only the best with the best referrals and there is an extensive hiring process.

Can’t I just go to a drug store to get one? Sure you can also go to drugs stores (I won’t mention names for fear of offending someone) that offer flu shots given to you by a pharmacist… I don’t know about you but I don’t feel comfortable with a pharmacist giving me a vaccine. Pharmacists are not trained professionally to give shots and who knows the course they went through to learn to give shots. If a flu shot is given improperly it can cause severe bruising and an inactive flu vaccine. Sever cases could result in muscle or bone damage if they push the needle in too far, there is a reason you have to be licensed to practice nursing. (I speak hypothetically about the Pharmacists and I have only spoken to one person who offers this at their drug store and I still wouldn’t let them give me a flu shot).

The link listed below is a schedule of flu shots offered by Mollen Immunization that are administered by professionals. Just to give you a price comparison I was just in the local grocery store that is offering a flu clinic, 34.99 for the flu shot and 80.00 for the pneumonia shot.

I have also added a link to a web site that may help you decide if your child is due for any vaccines.

Do you get the flu shot?

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    • hazeleyedbeauty profile image

      ashley 6 years ago from upstate ny

      glad to know you were fine but seeing as the H1N1 is still on the "loose" i would seek one out.

    • profile image

      marellen 6 years ago

      I think the older generation should be tops on the list. My Mom is 87 and gets a flu shot every year. This was the first year I didn't get one in years and knock on wood, I was fine.