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The Unity in Our Diversity II

Updated on January 24, 2010

The Soul Story

Every Soul needs a story. A story that is a symbolic understanding of the definition of life and the purpose of life. Without a story to BE-come, the Soul has no bearing or direction, no mooring or stability, no conception of being an important and integral part of the Whole, the One, the Cosmos, God, if you will.

Though this is a continuation of my last hub "The Unity in Our Diversity", this hub goes broader in its scope of the Soul. Of course it is still my Soul perception of "the story"; but is it also yours, and everyone elses'? After all, just as the wholeness of our human body, mind and soul is unique in its Being, and the kind of life we create for ourselves, are we not similar in our basic physical structure and spiritual purpose for life?

Is not the drive to live and survive, the Soul acting in her quest to know, to comprehend, to understand what life is about? What is it the scientists strive for, the faithful of religions strive for, the scholars of philosophies strive for, the everyday citizens of the world strive for?...but the pieces to the puzzle of life, in all its aspects, a sense of belonging, the unity in our diversity.

We look to society for guidance, to our sense of God for guidance, within our own soul for guidance, to someone else for guidance, to the structure of the universe for guidance, to nature for guidance, for "the" answer(s). Though the pieces each of us needs to complete our "wholeness" may be uniquely acquired, we all eventually will end up with the same pieces to complete the whole picture of Self.

We look to our immediate family and to those cultural "stories" that have had the most impact on creating who we are today. Some choose to stick with those "stories" and accept them as all that they need for their Soul to be satisfied in life...and then there are those of us that need to move beyond those "stories" for a new story or additional more definitive meanings to those original stories...I need to know more about what I am grateful for !

Our individual life experiences have been different, different stories have had great impact on our own Soul story. If you have read some of my other hubs on spiritual concepts or joined in with me in some of the forum discussions/debates, I have quite often spoken of what I call the Christ concept. My story that is developing from my studies and practices of various religions, philosophies, this level of consciousness, the Christ mind, that I beleive is in all of us regardless of religion, philosophy or belief system.

Well, I am believing that the Christ is what acted in league with the Soul of each of the heroes, heroines and all historical figures throughout history, as well as each of us that strives to care for and do better for ourselves and for others; I would like to think that the majority of people on the planet are striving for what is good.

The Christ is a part of every human being, just like our Soul is. And it is through the Christ Mind that our True Soul connects with every other True Soul at our "highest" level of consciousness. We each have a lower mind and a lower soul (the manifestation of our karmic acts) that we are here to heal and raise up, back to our original Christ Mind and True Soul that unites with the Universal Source/God/Infinite Intelligence (whatever you want to call that Original Energy source.

Let us take for instance, the story of the Christ, in Krishna, in Siddharta (Gautama Buddha) and in Jesus. In my interpretation, each of these Souls had a human life that has been recorded for the purpose of being an example of what a Soul IS, how a soul overcomes their negative karma and creates their dharma, or put another way, how to overcome sin, disease and death, which each of them did, according to my interpretation.

Each had stages of development they went through, like any other human being; a birth, an infancy, a childhood, a youth, an adulthood and a death. Of course portions have been left out of each story, but conceptions of the stages are continuing to come to light. Stories of the childhood and youth years of Jesus are being found and published about. For example, the ancient Tibetan texts that describe Jesus as having traveled in the East learning about the Eastern religions/philosophies between the years of 13 into his late 20's, and the "Lost Books of the Bible" that give renditions of Jesus' childhood.

Each of these figures had a human life. They developed powers of body, mind and soul beyond the typical human, they loved and were loved, developed beauty and graces, and had characteristics of honor and nobility, wisdom and virtue. They helped others, healed others and guided others to a higher way of life. They were kind, compassionate and loving, or were firey, firm and demanding of the spirits, overcoming them to become their own higher Spirit Self or to cut others free from their lower spirits. Each had a death that has been attributed with some special concept.

With this new information, interpretations and similar of more that are out there, we can put a view together of each of these historical spiritual figures and the stages of development they went through as a path of footsteps for our own soul to follow to become the Christ.

I also believe that the actual historical chronological order they came in has significance, too. But I am still sorting that out. Each personified more specifically, some different aspect of a Christed Being, some understanding of the wholeness of Being One with God/Universal Initelligence; the yin/yang, the Great TaiChi; the maculine and feminine of Spirit and mater; as above/so below; Father/father, Mother/mother, Christ/Son and Holy Spirit/Daughter.

We could say that these same stages of development have been personified in many religious, philosophical and historical accounts, in any and all human acccounts actually, with specific aspects focused on and having specific meaning. As I stated earlier, we are all Be-coming the Christ. There is a Unity in Our Diversity.

I am continuing to meditate on this, sort it out, find my own connection needs to meet and love, and BE-come. It truly is a glorious journey to discover and unfold one's own Soul awareness of Being.

So, I hope this was a little teaser to get you started on your own journey of discovery, or to continue what you have started...we're all in this together.

I am glad to share, I hope you will share your thoughts and feelings with me, too.

Many Blessings,



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