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Wal-Mart Protein Powder Review (Body Fortress)

Updated on August 22, 2013
The iron never lies.
The iron never lies.

The "Newbie"

Remember when we first started working out? We would go to the gym and people would be talking about taking protein powders and muscle milk in order to gain size. So we, being new and naïve, would go out to buy some protein powder, which we regarded as some kind of steroid that would make us massive.

The first place everyone goes to for protein powder is Wal-Mart. Why? Because we didn't know about any other supplement stores and quite frankly, Wal-Mart was close to our houses and sold cheap products.

We would arrive at Wal-Mart and grab the container labeled "Whey Protein Powder" by Body Fortress. Seeing it had 25g of protein per serving and sold for only $20, we would quickly grab it and happily walk out the store.

Little did we realize that the cheapness came with a price...

Body Fortress Whey
Body Fortress Whey

Protein is protein.... Right?

Stranger 1:

"Why does it matter where the protein came from? Protein is protein, the chemical compounds don't change!"

In a sense that is true. The composition of what we call "protein" is same regardless of which source it comes from. But the main difference comes from what the protein is interacting with aka. the environment.

Let's say we have a McDonald's sandwich patty and a prime cut steak that is exactly identical in its nutritional value. Following the logic of Stranger 1, it shouldn't really matter which one we eat since they both have the same compounds.

Reality is, it's very different. The environment it was placed in prior to cooking and during cooking affects the compounds within the food and affects the absorption rate of the body. The McDonald's patty was most likely subject to extreme heat, chemical compounds, harsh factory conditions and random additives. The steak on the other hand, was cut freshly off a cow. If they both had 25g of protein, your body would only absorb around 15g from the patty, whereas you would get the full 25g if you were to eat the steak.


Do you use Body Fortress Whey or any other Wal-Mart brand protein powders?

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Body Fortress = McDonald's

Let's go back to the McDonald's patty and the prime cut steak example.

If we were to compare them to protein powders, Body Fortress would be the McDonald's of the supplement industry.

Body Fortress has been known to add various fillers and BCAA's within their protein powders to fill it up with volume and "nutritional value". However, this severely cuts down the grade on the protein and the amount absorbed. So when you make a protein shake using Body Fortress Whey, you are only absorbing half of what is listed.

Nutritional Value

Wal-Mart Whey
>$50 Whey

The Conclusion

So what can I do to receive the best quality protein?

Go out to GNC or your local supplement store, and buy yourself a tub of protein powder that costs around $50 or more. It may be expensive, but you are getting everything that is labelled on the nutritional value section.


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    • profile image

      Brett M. 16 months ago

      From a financial stamd point, which is more in my line of knowledge, it makes sense but the lable should accurately display exactly what is in it and how much protein is in it. Thwy won't give out exactly how much of everything because then they are writing a recipie and everyone will just make it at home but key nutritional facts, including protien should be listed. Not only listed but accurately listed.

    • joecseko profile image

      Joe Cseko jr 4 years ago from New York, USA, Earth

      Everything that you've written is WRONG! Body Fortress isn't owned by Walmart, and your 'science' is totally erroneous. Go ahead, engage me in a discussion. That would be comical to say the least!