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Walden Farms Zero Calorie Foods

Updated on March 5, 2012

zero calorie foods and low carb recipes

When you’re on a low-carb diet, you really begin to read food labels. Even when you’re making your own low carb recipes, you have to pay close attention to the ingredients that go into the recipes. I’ve tried many, many low carb products, low fat products, and low calorie products, and frankly, many of them are tasteless. Overall, the best low carb and low fat products I’ve found are made by Walden Farms. In fact, these are no-calorie and no carb foods. Got that? ZERO calorie foods!

The first Walden Farms product I tried was the chocolate syrup, on the advice of my uncle. It was great! The flavor and consistency were almost identical to regular chocolate syrup, only this one has no carbs, no fat, and no calories. After enjoying the Walden Farms chocolate syrup, I decided to try some of their other products, and I got hooked. How do they do it?? How can they make all these products with zero calories? It’s almost like magic!

I often have bad luck with products. I fall in love with a product, and then our local stores stop carrying the very products I want to purchase. In the case of Walden Farms products, the supermarket that carried them in my town closed down. I recently got word that a store fifty miles away had some, so I made the drive just to buy some Walden Farms stuff. Alas, it was a bum steer. They didn’t have the products, either. My only recourse is to buy Walden Farms products online, which is really a better idea anyway because I have a lot more choices. Check out these great no-calorie, no carb foods:

Walden Farms chocolate syrup

This chocolate syrup is awesome! It’s thick and rich, and it makes great chocolate milk. You can also drizzle it over low-carb ice cream or use it as a dipping sauce for strawberries, raspberries, or fresh cherries. You might also want to get creative with the chocolate syrup and use it in low carb recipes like brownies.

Zero calorie pancake syrup

I also like Walden Farms pancake syrup. Most low carb diets allow you to have soy flour and flaxseed meal, and you can make pancakes and other low carb recipes with these instead of using wheat flour. You can also make French toast by dipping a slice of low carb bread into beaten eggs and frying it in butter. Top your low carb pancakes, French toast, and other low carb recipes with this pancake syrup without adding fat, carbs, or calories.

Low carb ketchup - no carb ketchup

I love ketchup, but have ever noticed how many calories and carbs regular ketchup contains? It’s unreal! I love low carb foods like steak, hamburger, and other cuts of beef, but I have to have ketchup, and if I use regular ketchup, I add a lot of carbs to an otherwise low-carb meal. With Walden Farms ketchup, this isn’t a problem. Sometimes I “jazz up” my Walden Farms ketchup by adding onion powder, minced garlic, cayenne, and a little Splenda. Sometimes I also use the zero carb ketchup in low carb recipes like barbecue sauce and cocktail sauce.

You just have to try this ketchup as a pizza sauce! I use it in low carb recipes. How? I make it taste like pizza sauce by adding minced onion, minced garlic, oregano, basil, and Splenda. My favorite way to use it is with low carb pizzas. I use a low-carb tortilla, spread it with the Walden Farms ketchup concoction, and top it with shredded mozzarella and sliced pepperoni. Bake it for just a few minutes, and you have a wonderful pizza with just five grams of carbs.

No carb ranch dip

Sometimes snacking while on low carb diets presents problems. With Walden Farms dips, the problem is solved! Just slice some cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, bell peppers, and other low carb veggies and dip them in this creamy ranch dip. Yum!

Calorie free peanut butter

Okay, here’s one you totally won’t believe: no carb, no calorie peanut butter. Pair the peanut butter with Walden Farm no calorie jelly and spread them on a couple of slices of low carb bread, and voila! You have a low-carb sandwich that’s very satisfying and healthy.

Zero calorie jams and jellies

And speaking of the calorie-free jams and jellies, you can use them in low carb recipes, too. I like to melt the jams or jellies in the microwave and add other ingredients to make glazes for grilled chicken, grilled pork, and grilled fish.

More great zero calorie foods and low carb foods:


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