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Walk-In Bathtubs for People with Physical Disabilities

Updated on January 31, 2015

Walk-In Bathtubs for People with Physical Disabilities

Walk-In Bathtubs for People with Physical Disabilities. I was just thinking about this as I love hydrotherapy. Water serves as therapy for many people, including all ages, men, women and pregnant women and those who have disabilities.The power to use a comfortable bathroom suited to the people have disabilities was a superb idea. Not only that, people how have no disabilities can also use walk-in bathroom. They are suited for comfort and wellness.

I saw these walk-in bathtubs when I was watching lifestyle in the TV and it sound so nice and comfortable, all I was thinking that after every bath, you can really feel the relaxation. This is also best for people with physical disability as they can use it like massage therapy. I hope some people who have mobility problems or are disabled physically find this hub helpful --- Walk-In Bathtubs for People with Physical Disabilities.

walk-in bathtub

courtesy of wikipedia
courtesy of wikipedia

Walk-In Bathtubs for People with Physical Disabilities

Walk-in Bathtubs

Characteristics of walk-in bathtubs

  • have a seat which is the same height as a chair
  • seal which when you open it or close it, it will be sealed (inward swinging and outward swinging which has advantages or disadvantages
  • According to resources : "Some bathtubs categorized as "walk-in" actually require a low step-in, as they have higher seats and outward-opening doors that enable a person to simply sit on the seat and pivot and swing his or her legs into the tub. This type of walk-in bathtub can be helpful to those confined to wheelchairs and to others with mobility challenges".


Walk In Bathtubs for People with Physical Disabilities

Walk in bathtubs is an example of accessible bathtubs. They are sometimes with transfer capabilities or with raised beds plus doors which slides for easy mobility. Comfort and feeling at ease is very important as well as safety.

People have realized that a bathroom should be friendly to the people with disability, In particular they pay attention to:

  • accessibility with little help
  • friendly with latch
  • you can go in and out without difficulty or little help
  • spaciousness
  • lighting
  • location of bathrooms in the house
  • the shower and tub location plus the toilet

Accessible bathtubs or walk in bathtubs that are friendly to people with disabilities are used by people with mobility problems, handicapped or disabled

Usually they add

  • grab bars
  • anti slip flooring
  • mounted showers for standing positions
  • hard grips to help them
  • or lifts to help the one who will use it for lowering or raising

They have also walk in bathtubs with hydrotherapy capability or whirlpool -- and this is an awesome feature as it relaxes muscles and serve like massage therapy

Prices : Prices range from USD 2000 plus to 7,000 plus depending on the nature or if they have some whirlpool features or hydrotherapy features


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    • Lady_E profile image


      9 years ago from London, UK

      Very good and safer for people to use.


    • rprcarz50 profile image


      9 years ago

      Thank you for putting your work into this Hub ! Great helpful information . Many people will be able to use this for themselves or a loved one .


      As always Also a2z50

    • prasetio30 profile image


      9 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Good information. I hope this hub useful for us. And we can learn something from this hub. Great hub, I hope this hub become motivation for us. thank you very much!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      They are great for those with disabilities or those who are aged and struggle with traditional tubs. Mrs. Quill mother looked at one and I was impressed with the options which were available.

      Great Hub again Maita.



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