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Walk The Talk- Fybr

Updated on August 21, 2016

Isn’t it interesting how we can always find the time to catch up with a good friend? However when it comes to fitting in a quick work out, suddenly we are too busy. What does this tell us? We are more motivated to make time for something fun and enjoyable. If it’s fun we will do it, and if it’s not we don’t. Seems pretty straight forward.

Now think about what would happen if you combined the two. Instead of meeting friends for breakfast, why not meet for a walk, jog or a bike ride. It’s cheaper and better for your health, win win. Also, it gives you an excuse to shop on fybr right? Maybe buy a pair of crazy printed leggings with a matching crop? Do it! And why not finish the look by getting a pair of kicks as well? Just remember to take them for a short walk before you do a long run in them and get blisters (ouch). If that’s not enough to motivate you to exercise, research has shown that we are more creative and open to new ideas when we are physically active. Ah awesome!

So next time you are arranging a catch up with friends, opt for a “Walk and Talk” approach. I guarantee you won't regret it.


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