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Walk away from anger does not make you a coward

Updated on May 15, 2016

Mental health is important too.

In my own personal experience I have always been a strong enough women to survive on my own.

I learned to live with the bare minimum in life, in order to live a life that is worth living or myself.

In my close inner circle, I hardly even give my phone number out and since social media, mostly contact is another form so when it is necessary and I want to decompress from society, I shut down social media and turn off the computer.

Sometimes in life, because of my own personal life, I have learned it is so very hard to trust people.

When in my own life someone breaks my trust, I seriously either can not have a person who has broken my trust in my life or they would truly have to work seriously very hard to be part of my life.

I have lived a very simple lifestyle and have always enjoyed walks of nature and crazy enough do from time to time, hug trees to thank nature there are trees still in this world to marvel at to know that a tree has been here before I even existed and probably will still be here long after I leave this earth.

In life, I do not think I am a coward if I walk away from anyone that can be so angered or has no self control of caring enough to care about my health, whether it is physical or mental.

I think when having a discussion sometimes even when I am right about something I might just want to drop an issue because what is the point in an argument if it will just anger an individual that I am trying to prove a point where it could be such a silly little thing and will just shut my mouth and be like, ok whatever you are right.

I think sometimes it is better when we are right about silly things and just be silent and let another person be right because sometimes silence can be more golden and worth more than to continue any argument.

I know that as myself, a woman, that I learned (oops I am repeating) that learning to survive with very little means, means you can get by no matter what.

But in this time in my life, I wish to not just survive but to thrive.

Ok, so if you ever watch news feeds on social media, sometimes I just would sit back and want to grab some popcorn because some unnecessary drama that unfolds.

I think I just wish for big dreams to happen and if indeed people do not support my dreams and want to argue over things in my life, I know it is time to evaluate anyone and think, ok this person I just do not have the time to deal with and will not fight but wish them well.

There is something called free will and if it is something will all have and people that have so much drama surrounding themselves and with people they probably do not need in their lives but say for one reason or another they need to keep people who are mentally unhealthy in their lives, I just do not get it.

Once again, I may know many people but in my inner circle I keep it small and know that shutting down social media, the computer and any thing along the lines are very simple.

I don't need to be a social butterfly at every waking hour.

I am very secure and love my own company and very comfortable with myself.

No seriously, when alone, no make up, throw on films, write and do things with my own company there is no arguments but a good peace of mind.

I had not meditated for a couple of days and in doing so this morning once again, it felts nice and relaxing.

I make tea during my time of mediation and just decompress from the whole world.

Also social media with things like facebook only shows a small percentage of what someone's life is like anyway and unless someone is actually sitting in front of me, they might truly knw if I am having a good or bad day because the art of communication is lost on social media and texting and I can not tell you all how much I hate texting sometimes.

Of course texting is helping in certain situations but when your trying to make someone understand a text, a text sometimes can be taken the wrong way and you have to keep back tracking to try to correct what you truly where trying to say in the first place.

Technology can be great sometimes but the art of communication gets lost in translation that I just do not talk to too many people over the internet because misunderstandings can happen and that is why I like spending time with myself and decompressing from everything and everyone.

So letting people win arguments and such over the internet is really a win win situation because you can just stop aggravation right in the bud and let someone feel good about themselves for letting them win.

Life is just too short to sweat the small stuff.

We are only on the earth fr a limited time and you do not know if the heavens my want to call you home in your sleep at night.

So yes mental health is indeed important for us because without us functioning with better mental health it can lead us to feel physically sick inside.

I mean when we stress, sometimes it can lead to physical aliments that over all can put us straight into be and make us feel so depressed.

All in all, it is all best to just walk away from things and people we just have no control over if indeed it leads us to feeling sick inside.

Something for me personally, I think it is probably best for my own mental health to get back into a form of martial art and let me say when i do train, mental, physical and spiritual seems to be aligned.

I can not say that martial arts or something along the lines of self defense is best for everyone's mental health but it seems like it has such a positive impact for myself and focusing is a plus.

All in all, basically what I just wrote, over all mental health starts with realizing our own mental health is really important that helps with our over all well being.

I value my health to be surrounded by angry souls.


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