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Want Healthy & Beautiful Hair?

Updated on November 25, 2013
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Lifestyle Habits

Want to have healthy and beautiful hair but you are faced with the unfortunate fact that your hair is thinning? Or perhaps you find that you are losing more hair than normal? These lifestyle advice may assist you in stopping the hair loss and hopefully even reversing it.

First and foremost, the health of our hair and how thick our mane is relates to our kidney essence and this in turn relies on our lifestyle habits such as the excessive frequency of sexual activity or over exerting oneself through overdoing it in sports and from deficiencies in fluids in which blood is a major component.

Some habits and products too can detrimentally affect the quality of our hair. For example, if one were to continually expose one's hair to over coloring or bleaching with hydrogen peroxide for example in several hair bleaching agents or the use of synthetic chemicals in our hair as well as subject our hair to the stresses of heat from styling from the hairdryer, it wouldn't be surprising to find that there will be a constant increase in the quantity of hair that ends up on your hairbrush and the shower or sink trap.

For every action, there is inevitably going to be a reaction, it's just a simple law of physics. Hence, whatever you put onto our hair and in our bodies will affect the quality of our hair etcetera on the outside. This brings us to how we can help ourselves achieve Healthy and Beautiful Hair by supplementing ourselves from the inside.

Massage is one step toward achieving healthy and beautiful hair. Every time you wash your hair, massage your scalp before rinsing. How you do this is to use both hands on each side of your scalp, starting from the front of your forehead, spread your hands out and make a clawing action to your fingers. Massage with your fingertips and press down firmly but not harshly from the front of your scalp all the way to the nape of your neck and do this about 30-40 times. This helps improve circulation and thus blood flow to your scalp therefore stimulating the nutrients to be more readily delivered to our scalp and hair.

External Remedies

The idea of having greasy hair bother you? Having enough oils to lubricate the hair shaft is important and not to mention the anti-aging effects it possible may have to your body. Sebum or better known as the oils produced by our body help to ward off against opportunistic infections of the skin for example. However, if you belong to the few who are constantly getting increasingly irritated by your flat limp oily hair, this just may be the solution you need.

Rosemary the plant belonging to the herb family could prove quite useful. Yes Rosemary is a very versatile herb. Not only can you use it in cooking to improve the flavor of say meats, one can also utilize this ancient herb that has been bestowed upon mankind for the specific purpose of helping remedy greasy hair. What you do firstly is to stop using one of the moisturizing shampoos that are mostly designed for people with dry hair, this is step one. Then you can condition with a shampoo designed for oily hair too. Otherwise, you could use about perhaps 3 to 4 sprigs of rosemary and pour warm boiled water to cover them. Let this steep for 15 to 30 minutes then use this as a hair rinse after washing. Do this daily to begin with then try to reduce it to three times per week if you want to once things begin to improve. After using this rosemary rinse however, you'd probably want to use it every time you wash your hair because not only does this rosemary rinse help alleviate greasy hair, it also helps with promoting healthy hair and infuse a wonderful fragrance to your hair on top of refreshing you and also improving circulation and memory too. Rosemary is especially beneficial if you have dark colored hair.

For fairer hair color bold and the beautiful however, chamomile would probably be more beneficial for you.

Aloe Vera, the gel within which had been used since the olden days by Cleopatra and Nefertiri in Egypt, these two women who are well known in history for their immense beauty. The secret to having healthy and beautiful hair is to use the gel from a fresh leaf (better results are achieved with the outer older leaves) as a hair conditioner right after shampooing, leave in for 5 minutes at least before rinsing off. This helps to condition the hair.

If you have a hibiscus tree at home, you can pick say 4 to 5 leaves, crush them in a bowl of warm water and leave it for a few minutes, then use this mixture the same way you would with the aloe vera gel and you'd soon find that your hair is softer and more manageable than before.

Try these simple tips at home and hopefully you will achieve the healthy and beautiful hair that we all dream to have.

Supplements and Diet

Having enough iron in our bodies is responsible for ensuring our bodies get all the necessary oxygen it needs from the blood that gets carried around our bodies every second of every day.

Our kidney houses our innate essence, the essence that we were born with. By making sure we supplement and respect theses supplies, we have to regularly supplement it with the foods and supplements that we put into our bodies on a daily basis.

To increase one's chances of having healthy and beautiful hair, we have to promote our blood stores with having enough iron in our bodies. Seeing that animal proteins usually have haem-iron that's responsible for the oxygenation of our red blood cells, those of us who are vegetarian may be at a disadvantage. But fear not, there is a simple solution to this and that is the humble iron supplement that one can readily purchase from the pharmacy. Not only does iron help with the quality of our hair, iron also helps with our energy levels and blood supply which is especially important for women who menstruate (increasingly important if one has heavy menstruation) and in pregnancy.

Calcium, biotin and silica are the three musketeers of hair, skin and nail care, our three weapons toward our dream of having healthy and beautiful hair. Again, these are readily available at either health food stores and in pharmacies either in single ingredient form or in a combined form. And of course, don't forget our good old ascorbic acid more commonly known as vitamin C which has a multitude of uses other than helping to ensure we have healthy connective tissue.


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