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Want a concentration boost - try these tricks out

Updated on December 29, 2015

Do you have an array of half-finished work at your office? Do you serve half cooked turkey for dinner? Did you load the washing machine with dirty plates and stuff your dishwasher with clothes? If yes, the problem you are having is lack of concentration and you need to boost it before you kill yourself with a kitchen knife thinking it were your comb. Now what would you do if you went shopping and found out you can barely lift the groceries? You hit the gym! You need to train your muscles. In the same may, you need to constantly keep on exercising you brain to make sure your concentration levels are top notch.

The Basic Concentration Exercise

The Basic Concentration Exercise
The Basic Concentration Exercise

Here is an exercise you can do every day. Not only will it improve your concentration, it will also help you relax. Grab a chair, sit on it and stare at a point in front of you like a window sill maybe. See how many minutes you can sit in that position without moving a muscle. Though it sounds pretty easy, most of us wouldn’t even last five minutes. Try to work your way up to fifteen minutes. One thing to have in mind is that the body should be completely relaxed. Never strain too much trying to sit still.

The Blind Walk

The Blind Walk
The Blind Walk

The blind walk exercise is an adventurous and a bit dangerous way to improve your concentration. Lock yourself in a room. Make sure there are no dangerous or sharp objects like a knife or sledge hammer lying around. Now use your creativity to set yourself a task. Like for example – to take a pen from the farthest side of the table. Try to memorize the number of steps that would be required to complete the task. Now switch off the lights and try to complete the task. This exercise requires you to be very aware and completely concentrating on your body movements. This exercise can be a lot of fun but make sure that the environment is safe.

Don’t Let The Water Move!

Don’t Let The Water Move!
Don’t Let The Water Move!

Do you find yourself drinking too much? Even if you don’t, grab a glass of water and make yourself comfortable in a chair. Now while holding the glass in one hand, extend it forward making sure the water is as still as possible. Now try to hold that position for a minute. An easy way to gauge your performance is by using a marker to mark the circumference of the glass and fill the water up to that level. If the water moves up and down the marking you are doing a very bad job. Nothing to worry though, just keep practicing! After doing a set with the right hand, try to do it with the left. Also try to increase the number of minutes you can do this exercise correctly. The main purpose of this exercise is to develop control over the voluntary muscles by stopping their involuntary movement and making sure that you have complete mental control over them.

Smell the World

Smell the World
Smell the World

Use every moment of your life to develop your sense of smell and concentration with this exercise. As you are roaming around doing your business, try to sense the different kind of scents available in the air. Close your eyes and you will have a sharper sense of smell. Now try to fix your attention on a particular scent and try to sense only that scent. With a bit practice you will notice that you require a particular attentive capability which will come only with concentration. This is a very simple exercise which will also improve your sense of smell to whole new levels.

Be Aware of Your Self

Be Aware of Your Self
Be Aware of Your Self

When you lie down, before going to sleep try to feel the heart pumping. Relax your body completely and concentrate only on your heart pumping the blood to different parts of the body. Close your eyes and focus on that powerful organ which works tirelessly day and night to keep you alive. You can even picture the blood leaving your heart filling different parts. Soon with a little bit of practice you can actually feel the blood moving through your system.

Meditation Music To Relax Mind & Body

The Man in the Mirror

The Man in the Mirror
The Man in the Mirror

The mirror method is an excellent way to boost concentration levels. Make sure you do it behind closed doors though, as people might think you’ve gone bonkers if they see you doing this exercise. Make two marks in the mirror at eye level. These two marks are supposed to denote the eyes of another person. Now keep your head still and look in the two marks without even tilting slightly. Evade all thoughts which might come in the head and keep on concentrating. Do this while taking in deep breathes. This exercise will not only improve concentration but also make you a more confident and refreshing human being when practiced every day.

Pen It Down

Pen It Down
Pen It Down

For the avid readers, next time you read an article, as soon as you are finished, try to write an abridged version of the content. Try to make it as small as possible without missing out on any points. This exercise helps one to concentrate deeply on the subject at hand, which will go a long way in helping one memorize and focus. This method of concentration is extremely beneficial, especially for students.

Nadi Shudhi

Nadi Shudhi
Nadi Shudhi

The yogic practice of “Nadi Shudhi” is a very simple yet profound method with astounding results. Sit in a comfortable position and close your right nostril. Now take in air through your left nostril slowly using ten seconds. Now exhale the air slowly through the right nostril while keeping the left closed, this time also taking ten seconds. Now do another set – this time inhaling through the right and exhaling through the left. Do these two sets for at least ten minutes a day and you will be amazed with its magic.



Meditation is a tried and tested method which is arguably the most popular way to improve concentration. Sit in a comfortable position and keep your spine erect. Now close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. Thoughts will come, but keep on concentrating on your natural and beautiful breath. Soon, all thoughts will disappear and an eternal bliss will fall upon you. Meditation if done on a regular basis will boost every aspect of your life.

Concentration is one of those qualities which determine the quality of your life. The more you have it, the richer and more efficient you will be every moment. Try a few of these simple exercises and see how your life changes!

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