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Want more positivity? Stay away from people who aren't positive.

Updated on August 21, 2014

Live long and prosper.

Say yes more to what helps you to grow.

In my own life, I learned from the past.

But sometimes it takes a little while to learn and sometimes I learn the had way.

Like most people, my mistakes aren't really mistakes just learning experiences where you should learn maybe it is better to learn the hard way then to be stuck in the "muck".

I had a few learning experiences and sometimes even with people, in my past just really never wanted to see me "grow".

I think the reason with some of the people I was around just wanted to "grow", and didn't want to see me "grow".

I wanted to keep learning and learn about things I was interested in.

But people I was around was so unhappy with themselves they just didn't see me happy.

So I learned with people like that, they will never be happy, no matter.

What I learned to do, is to focus on "right here" and "right now".

Now I I have bad days and good days, it just is that way.

The best thing now in my life, I have alot more better days than bad days.

I wanted to keep finding more inspirational people.

I wanted to keep finding more people that were truly positive and not someone that says on social media that they are happy when that is a total lie.

I wanted to keep finding people who are successful.

So basically I have found these people and I keep finding more.

I like people who keep their "mind", "body", and "spirit" fit.

This is what works for my circle.

Those are the three "key" elements that work for me.

If people are missing one of those "key" elements, then I realize that I truly will never become close with anyone that does not have those three "key" elements.

I think those 3 things are what makes someone have a happy life.

Now I'm not saying you have to believe in "God" to have your spirit soar, but meaning if you don't believe in God or maybe you aren't spiritual, meaning that if your truly happy with yourself you would focus more of what makes you happy and not what makes you unhappy from other people's happiness.

I been focusing so much more on myself in very positive ways.

Especially lately being able to get to a fitness center almost everyday makes me feel so happy.

I also try to get to two other places, the beach or the mountains.

I guess those are a couple of places that bring extreme joy to me.

I think the energy levels are so much different near the ocean and also near the mountains.

Hiking is fun and exercise is good.

I can't say I'm an extreme athlete but have always loved physical fitness.

I think now being older it really helps my joints and other things.

They say movement is very good and I tend to notice in my body, the more I get to exercise, the more I am happier.

I guess in times when I was around some people in the past it made them unhappy that I like fitness and they didn't so I learned that people that I want close in my circle has to have some sort of exercise routine or does some sort of moderate exercise at least.

It doesn't help my "well being" if I am around people who just aren't happy that I like to workout.

I believe people can do what they want in their lives.

I know there are some secure people out there that don't workout at all and it doesn't bother them that I workout and in return it doesn't bother me what people do with their own lives.

Focusing on what really, really makes me happy and working more and more on my insides have made me feel so much better.

I truly do also think the fountain of youth is "exercise".

Of course it is good what you put inside your body also. Of course I'm learning more and more because like everybody else, I am a work in progress.

Yes I know I am repeating, but once you truly work on what you love doing and keep focusing on the things you truly love doing you are going to feel so much better about your self.

I guess the answers to things in life is sometimes so easy, we just don't see it even if the answers were right there all along.


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