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Rejected at Birth

Updated on February 21, 2014


Wrong Gender Preference

Expecting parents often want a child that is a certain gender. After all that is what being expected parents do.

Often the father of the fetus wants a boy but not in all cases. Mothers often want daughters but not always.

Some parents really don't care as long as they have a happy healthy baby.

Sometimes parents are happy until they find out the gender of their new baby.

Something goes very wrong when parents put to much expectations on what they want the child's Gender "will" be.

Many parents are deeply disappointed over the sex/gender of their child. The baby that was once wanted begins to feel rejected even before birth.

The rejection of the baby may not be done maliciously, but done nevertheless, with no understanding of the consequences. However, no matter how strong the parents personal preference maybe, it can be destructive to the child because of being rejected for which the child has no control.

Child sense rejection at a very young age sometimes before birth often will seek acceptance by performing as one of the opposite gender.

Baby Boy


Consequences of Gender Rejection

Unborn babies can hear and react to the condition in the environment the mother is subjected too.

If the mother is stressed it is projected on to her unborn child. If the mother is angry or is living where there is a lot of arguing. The baby is born discontent. This means the baby will be crying pretty much every waken hour.

If the stress and arguing continue. The new born will react in a screaming rage to the top of their lungs.

As the child gets older it becomes more aware of the rejection. Especially when the preferred sex/gender arrives in to this world. (sister or brother)

Children that are rejected at birth because of the wrong gender often grow up hating and rejecting themselves.

Rejecting their own gender. Causing Males to be feminine or females become masculine leading into homosexuality..

Unwanted and Rejected at Birth

Rejection and Abandonment

The wounds of rejection and abandonment go far deeper when

  • When child is left long periods of time.
  • When child is given up for adoption.
  • The death of one or both parents.
  • Divorce
  • Strife and conflict in the home.
  • Compete with other siblings
  • Jealousy

Result of Rejection

  • Inability to receive love
  • Inability to love others
  • Insecurity
  • Withdrawal
  • Suspicious
  • Inferiority Social Shyness
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Man
  • Fear of rejection
  • Self rejections
  • Daydreaming/fantasizing

Animals Don't Reject Their Young

Animals do not reject their young because of gender why should we?
Animals do not reject their young because of gender why should we? | Source

Imagine When You Were Rejected in School

Just go back and feel those same feelings. You felt when no one would let you sit next to them on the bus.

Kids won't let you sit with them during lunch in school.

Imagine when kids in school made fun of you and called you names.

How Rejection Effects the Victim Thoughts

Being rejected at birth than in the home and while being in school is hurtful and devastating.

The rejected think they should have never been born. They wish they were dead. Always feel stupid.

Isolation for people who feel rejected is not a good place to be. Its lonely and it leave the rejected with only their thoughts of despair which eventual leads to suicide.

Rejection from Parents

There is nothing worse than to be and feel rejected by your parents. Its enough to feel rejected by the world.

There is no wound that goes deeper than rejection. Think about the times throughout your life you been chosen last or not at all playing childhood games. It hurt didn't it?

Remember when no one will let you sit down on the bus? What about now? Have you been past up for promotions where you work even though you are more qualified in the position?

How did that make you feel? Imagine feeling that way or worse at home. Parents that have a child should never be to serous about what the gender will be. Only grateful to have a happy healthy baby.

Were You a Victim of Rejection

Were You Rejected by Your Parents

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