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Water For Weight Loss

Updated on January 29, 2011
Soup can help you feel full and lose weight
Soup can help you feel full and lose weight | Source

How Water Fills You Up

Dieters are often advised to drink plenty of water to help them stay hydrated and avoid mistaking thirst for hunger. But did you know that eating water-rich foods can actually help you lose weight?

Most water-rich foods are very low in calories relative to their volume, meaning both your brain and your stomach get tricked into thinking you're eating a lot; in other words, you can fill up on water-rich foods without taking in a lot of calories.

But before you go downing glass after glass of water with your regular meals, remember this: you won't get the same benefits from drinking water along with food. The water in food is chemically different from water in beverages, so it leaves your stomach slower and keeps you full longer.

To make water-rich foods work for you, try eating a small bowl of low-calorie broth-based (rather than cream-based) soup before your meals; or have a veggie-packed salad or a bowl of fruit; this should help you feel full sooner and eat less overall.

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