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Hydration and Dehydration. How does Water Affect Every Aspect of our Lives.

Updated on August 25, 2015
Image courtesy of mikumistock
Image courtesy of mikumistock

Hydration, Dehydration: Staying Alive

Every day we have many tasks and challenges to complete, never really leaving us with a good break to rest or the appropriate things to consume. What I am referring to is the usual 9 to 5 job that gives us a short break for lunch and does not let us off until we are done again.

Now, most of these jobs have their water tanks and allow you to go off to drink some whenever you can, but thinking of the strain of getting things done for your boss and the meetings you need to keep track of, most of us forget to drink or eat anything until it is lunch time. This means that we go to the closest fast- food restaurant and order anything with a soda or sugary juice.

This may seem like a far off example but it applies to many. Other cases where we neglect water are long training sessions at the gym or getting things done at home. Not having the flavorless liquid for these periods of time will not kill you of course, but put together with the physical need of the water and the heat waves we experience every now and then, the symptoms of dehydration can appear rather quickly and leave us weak in seconds.

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Image courtesy of winnond
Image courtesy of winnond

Staying hydrated should never be ignored since it is the basic component of our bodies that helps determine how well everything works, how much energy you have and if we will be able to keep homeostasis. The advantages of keeping the body hydrated are endless and should always be thought of day by day. Here are some of the advantages of getting your daily dose of water and staying healthy, so you can get an idea of just how much water does for you.

  • It helps for weight loss: This is definitely a big plus for drinking water. Since you are ignoring all other sugar filled beverages in doing so, your body releases toxins and does not get any fats or carbohydrates that it does not need. It lets go of excess fat and increases the chances of a slimmer, healthier body.
  • Water gives you energy: Not having enough of it in your diet can make you feel tired and filled with fatigue almost every day since because of it is that you and all the organs in you work as they should. Getting a cup of water when you are feeling drowsy and down in the dumps is bound to give you a great boost. Muscles will get the oxygen they need and your acidity levels will lower greatly

  • It aids the brain and your memories: Because of the ongoing need for water throughout the body, the brain needs to keep track of all the tasks and functions that need to be running smoothly and will always need oxygen and liquids to do so. Needless to say, water improves its efficiency and well being vastly.
  • Water helps you have better skin: When you are dehydrated, your whole body starts feeling dry and restless, making even it lose its elasticity. Getting water will get the body back to a good, working state and your skin will become more limber.

It is not based on science fiction either, and most women feel great looking at themselves in the mirror after a good liquid diet of 3 liters and start seeing amazing results in just four weeks. This diet is great and is way better than trying all those different over-the-counter creams and what not. We highly suggest you try having more liquids during the day if you want to see an improvement in your face and well being.

8 Benefits of Staying Hydrated

  • Liquids are everywhere: It is very hard to go on your day without getting proper hydration since there are so many things to drink. Although many are unhealthy because of their rather high cholesterol and sugar count, others are great substitutes if you cannot get water. Great examples are natural juices and tea. Now some people were confused as to if tea did or not hydrate but that misunderstanding has been settled and we understand that it does help and quite a lot too.

You should know the symptoms of dehydration so that you can drink water as quickly as possible as well. Staying in a state of dehydration is never good for the body and brain, causing quick and debilitating side effects and even hallucinations. There have been many accounts by travelers and people in terrible accidents and how long their bodies survived without getting any water and the most amounts of days are always between 5 and 7.

It is imperative to have enough of it to not lose your mind and the control over your body. Even though living in the city and constantly surrounded by innumerable sources for it, many of us still forget to drink enough, especially during long working hours or exercise sessions outside. Here are some of the symptoms or side effects of effects of dehydration.

  • Yellow or little urine: When there is not enough water in your body for it to function properly, the kidneys attempt to keep water for later and don't get rid of any toxins along with it which can cause you to only pee a little bit and whatever you pee to be a concentrated yellow due to a pigment known as urochrome that only builds up when the kidneys try to store it for too long.
  • Headaches and lightheadedness: Blood pressure and a starved brain lead to dizziness and constant loss of balance when you are dehydrated.
  • Body temperature drops: When you sweat your body is trying to keep a cool temperature so that you can still stand the heat and the continual changes around you but if you do not have enough water in you, there won't be enough water after you sweat and your temperature will rise quickly, leaving you at the mercy of the heat.
  • Muscle pain: Due to the fact that the muscles need a continual surge of water and electrolytes to work properly and fluidly, not getting it means cramps and a lot of them too.

The Top 8 Signs of Dehydration

How to Treat Dehydration

Water has to be consumed in great amounts, always depending on your body, your weight, conditions and if you are constantly active and moving around a lot. Most say that 8 glasses is enough for many but the best suggestion is to carry around a water bottle and fill it every now and then. You need to keep going and working efficiently and staying hydrated is the best way to do so. You can drink other things, they can be good for you if not filled to the brim with sugar and chemical products, but make sure that you know which one is the one in charge of keeping your body stable and in great conditions.

Dehydration Prevention

Be on the watch for any symptoms and be healthy, consume water and see how your life greatly improves once you have enough of it every day. A good side tip if you get tired of drinking just water might be adding a little lemon every now and then, but remember to not get sugar in the mix.

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