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Water - The Nectar of the Gods

Updated on April 10, 2014

Water - The ever missing ingredient

As a BodyTalk Practitioner, I find cellular dehydration comes up in many of my client sessions and invariably my client will confirm that they do not drink "enough" water.

Minor complaints such as headaches, indigestion and even joint stiffness can often be attributed to a lack of water in the system as water is our body's "oil". On a long term scale though these minor complaints eventually add up to full blown disorders or disease.

Think of your body cells, you have probably learnt, or read somewhere in a book, that as much as 70% of your body is water. Each cell is a turgid pool of water with a few floating bits in it - and a cell wall. Basically you are a big bag of water bags!

Now think of a swimming pool or pond, with the pump switched off - the water starts to stagnate, algae starts to grow and within a few weeks there is a pungent stench driving all images of joy out of your mind when standing next to that fetid swamp..

Back to the image of your individual cells and if you haven't been drinking water, there's no clean water to filter and pump through your system, meaning that your cells are mini stinking pools full of free radicals, debris and dirt....not a very attractive image is it?

Suddenly, one can understand why your body isn't performing at its peak, why you are struggling to concentrate and feel jittery, or why your tummy just wont work!

The Liquid Trap

"Oh but I DO drink liquids!: my clients will often exclaim in an effort to justify their dehydrated state - I drink fruit juice, tea, coffee, cool drink, all the time!

Well now, this is the easy trap to fall into. We think because a liquid is composed of water it is "safe" but many liquids require even more clean water to absorb and use them properly!

Tea & Coffee (caffeinated) are anti-diuretics - i.e. their very role is to "drain" your kidneys of water - for every cup of tea or coffee you drink, your body requires 4 glasses of water to reach status quo and flush your system

Fruit Juice is full of sugar - even if it is natural sugar - and with no fibre in it to lower the Glycaemic Index, it spikes your body's insulin and sugar levels, doing some harm to your pancreas and once again requiring more water to achieve status quo and stabilise your blood sugar.

Carbonated Drinks are the worst of the lot. Not only are they high in sugar (instant pancreas damage) but they are high in carbon too - literally messing with your body's chemical balance and robbing your cells of oxygen...yes, its death in a bottle!

Now I know what you're thinking - you've been drinking this stuff all your life and you're fine! Perfectly healthy except for those sore knees and ankles, occasional headaches, dizzy spells when you stand up too fast, occasional constipation, insomnia, heart burn and skin rashes.....

How Much Is Enough?

Optimally, your body requires 30ml per KG of body weight. So, if you are a male weighing 100Kgs (220 Pounds) you require 3 Liters of water a day, on average

You will need to consume more water if it is a particularly hot day, you have been exercising and you have consumed tea or coffee or other diuretics.

3 liters may sound like an awful lot particularly if you aren't in the habit of drinking water already - Rome wasn't built in a day so don't go and make yourself ill on the first day by gulping down 3 litres in an hour and feeling queasy and nauseous!

How to Drink Water and Stay Sane

Start by gradually sipping on a bottle or glass of water every time you see it - so leave it on your desk where its within reach

Make yourself a jug of ice water in summer and leave it on your dining room table at meal times so its within reach

Water doesn't have to be boring!

Adding lemon juice or slices of lemon will not only taste nice, but help cleanse your liver

Adding fresh mint leaves will give you a refreshing drink like no other and perk you up in the afternoon "drowsy" hours

Add slices of fresh orange or grapefruit to enhance flavours, or add fresh mint leaves, stevia, crushed ice and lemon juice for a healthy 'Mojito"!

Initially you may find you run too the loo often, this is a good thing! It's your body finally getting rid of all those harmful toxins!

Having a BodyTalk session will also assist your body in recognizing and accepting the water and making the whole process easier. I often find my clients are thirsty straight after a session and so I generally give them cool water straight away to get the process moving along.

Water - The Emotional Cleanse

It's no coincidence that tears are comprised mostly of water. Water not only carries your toxins and oxygen, nutrients and minerals, but your emotions too. Ever noticed how when you are feeling really blue you suddenly feel "under the weather" bloated or even head achy?

That's because your body now has extra "toxins" to get rid of!

You can instantly turn your mood around by either drinking water, sitting in or near a body of water, or even just looking at images of water - who doesn't suddenly feel better after a few minutes of watching images of beaches, waterfalls and lakes?

BodyTalk will help you rid excess stores of water your body may be holding on to, which could be carrying detrimental emotions such as grief, depression, anger or fear.

10 Benefits of Drinking Water

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