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Water The Ultimate Energy Source - H2O

Updated on December 19, 2012

The energy benefits of water - H2O

The health benefits of water goes far beyond the scope of just drinking water. I hope to broaden your perspective and open a window to a new view of water in our lives. Discovering the true category and class of water and experiencing the energy from H2O through all of our senses, taste; sight, sound, smell and touch.

Drink Refreshing Energy - Water

refreshing glass of ice water
refreshing glass of ice water

What exactly is water or H2O?

The chemical breakdown and description of water is H2O. We all know this, but do we know what that means? Water is 2 parts Hydrogen, the most abundant substance in the universe, and 1 part oxygen, the 3rd most abundant substance in the universe. We all know that oxygen is, the air we breathe to sustain life. Have you ever considered what it means to drink pure oxygen or to see oxygen to taste oxygen or to have your body enveloped by this life sustaining substance? That is one third of the experience of water

The Hydrogen however is the most amazing part of water, constituting two thirds of water. Hydrogen is easily converted to produce pure energy. Hydrogen is used to produce the most horrific bombs with its tremendous power. Hydrogen is a serious consideration for our fuel dilemma, it is always available by simply separating it from oxygen in water, with the only waste by product being pure oxygen!I Water has been used for years to provide hydroelectric energy to many communities. Power converted from Hydrogen is tremendous and we can convert this power within our bodies with a drink, a swim, a shower and so much more. This energy potential is free and pure as well as being the most abundant source of energy available.

How important is water really?

The importance of water is so under rated even when we talk about the importance of water, so once again here is another perspective about water.

Our bodies are approximately 2/3 water, the earth is approximately 2/3 water, the universe is approximately 2/3 water! The majority of everything around us and in us, beyond what our eye can see is water. Water is a necessity for the existence of anything, without it even light would have no usefulness.


Cleansing with water

Showering with jets
Showering with jets
sink bowls for cleansing
sink bowls for cleansing

Circulating water is energizing

fish tank
fish tank

Water is cleansing purifying and nourishing

Water is used to cleanse and purify and nourish everything! We wash with water, it is the base for all cleansers for household and personal use. Water is the necessary ingredient for growing anything including healthy children. Plant growth only requires water, light and dirt, most importantly water. We wash our clothes, we wash our food, we wash our dishes, we wash something constantly in water. Water is in the top 10 sales in retail based on the number of products containing water.

We have sought after the fountain of youth, water over so many generations, the holy grail is said to be a cup that held water. Water has always been known through time to be the holy of ho-lies, we even have holy water that has been blessed to heal.

Water as therapeutic energy

Water is therapeutic energy for both our minds and bodies.  Water is very therapeutic even without the bath salts drink mixes and the wide array of add ins we use with water.

Watching water as it flows through a fountain, down a river or a stream, or seeing the waves rise and fall brings an array of good emotions, from relaxation to exhilaration. Just seeing water can elevate our mood and emotional experience.

Listening to water is equally therapeutic, it brings a healing energy into our life experience.  The sound of water circulating and trickling through a pond, a fish tank, and mini household fountains to major outside fountains, is calming and soothing to our senses.


An energetic water experience is everywhere

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Enjoy the Energy from Water Anywhere

Gain the oxygen and hydrogen experience in your life anywhere, it is so abundant, no matter where you are there is an experience waiting for you to energize your life. Go fishing, boating, cruising, swimming, run through the sprinklers, stand in the rain, let raindrops hit your tongue.

No matter what experience you choose, even just savoring the next tall glass of ices water let the energy flow through your body in a way you have never before done and look for the extra opportunities to energize your life with a water experience


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