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Replacement water filter cartridges: Don't forget to change them on time!

Updated on July 6, 2014

Purchase only water filter replacement cartridges that come by the same maker as your home water filtration system. It may appear bothersome, but replacing your water filter cartridges, according to the manufacturer's recommendations, is the sole way that your system will continue to work correctly.

Whenever you're utilising a filtering system, you have to be mindful of the potential life of the filter. Air filters in automobiles require being replaced on a regular basis or the vehicle will not function in good order. Filters of any sort are not inexhaustible resources. Designedly, they "catch hold" of a specific contaminant, getting rid of the contamination from whatever it is you are seeking to keep clean, be it air or water or your car engine.

Most filters don't destroy the contaminations, they merely store them. This is typical for water filter replacement cartridges.

Water filter cartridges are the core of any water purification system. All right, to be more precise,it can be likened to the kidneys. Like the kidneys, the water filter cartridges function to take away contaminants out of water as it filters through.

The kidneys are a great deal more effective, rendering us with decades of service. Water filter replacement cartridges are a reality of life with water purification systems, because most filters won't hold out longer than six months. This time frame is actually a guess, as the literal time frame depends on the brand and model of the filtration system, in addition to as the severity of contamination. Put differently, if your water is to a great extent contaminated, it might be required to buy water filter replacement cartridges more frequently, a lesson I learned lately.

My refrigerator is fitted out with an ice machine in addition to as a water dispenser. This is fed by the tap water reaching our home. The fridge is fitted out with water filter cartridges through which the water system flows before consumption.

Lately, the ice maker broke and we observed that the water pressure of the water dispenser was reduced. After replacing the motor on the ice-maker, the ice machine worked for a time, but soon broke again. The next guy to work on the fridge took a new approach and checked the water filter cartridges.

It turned out that we required water filter replacement cartridges. The other service man didn't check it, because it wasn't "time" to change it. The old water filter cartridges were so congested that water could barely pass through them. Therefore, the ice machine was operating without adequate water. This stressed the motor, causing it to finally fail.

Naturally, our ice machine isn't our greatest concern. But, recognizing that those water filter cartridges required to be replaced more often than we figured, made us hasten to order water filter replacement cartridges for all of our filters in the house.

We discovered that one company will send water filter cartridges straight to our home at scheduled intervals. That's made life a little easier for us and we worry a bit less, as we know that our drinking water is clean and that the shower water isn't impure.


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    • profile image

      water filter cartridge 7 years ago

      Love the kidney analogy--I was drawn to the site because of "Don't forget" That is a big problem for me. I have recently started putting it on my calendar to check all filters--air, water, car.