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Benefits of drinking water

Updated on May 26, 2013

Living in a busy and industrialized world, it’s no wonder we lose focus on good eating habits and the maintenance of our overall health. With the “introduction” of fast food joints, processed food and genetically modified foods, it’s easy to lose sight of what consist of a healthy diet.

For many though, this healthy balance is out of reach because our habits of eating were developed early by our parents. We’ve built a foundation of nutrition on the foundation of our parents and their parents before that.

Now a day with technology and the media, it’s easy to find informative information regarding our health and proper nutrition. Then again, biased and blatant untrue information is spread just as much, and that’s why I will do what I can do inform you on good eating habits; Small changes that can be taken every day, not huge leaps and bounds, but small specific adjustments anyone can do at home.

Today I thought I’d talk on the importance and significance of drinking 8 + glasses of water, and only drinking water during the day.

Water: Earth’s most abundant necessary human resource (besides oxygen =p) is vital to our existence. It has no taste, no smell, no flavor and we never tire or get sick of it, yet is sold at our local supermarket for outrageous prices.

Water helps many different human functions keep working, including:

- lowering overall body temperature

- elimination of toxins in our body

- helping blood move properly

- a necessity for proper digestion

- helping kidneys function properly

- helps our metabolism

- prevents dehydration

- essential for a proper functioning brain

and so much more.

Yet, here we are, 21 first century drinking caffeine, soda, juice and other alternatives, when all we really need is water. Essentially what I’m saying is water is all we really need, nothing more and nothing less.

To encourage you to drink more water I’ll list a few benefits water has on us, physically and mentally.

Water and Hunger are often felt as similar sensations and can be mistaken. While you might think we’re hungry a simple glass of water could suffice the craving to go snack on food, which is why it’s necessary to stay hydrated at all times. By doing so, you’ll be suppressing unwanted appetite and your metabolism will also be burning calories 3% faster.

Drinking enough water can also relieve stress and prevent obnoxious headaches. The reason being, the brain consists of 70% water while our blood is 85% water and we often neglect our bodies need for constant water supply. So you can see how just drinking enough water can help you think clearer and help you make it through the day.

Water also helps you sleep better. That’s right helps you sleep. When your body enters the “deep sleep” phase, this is when your body is being rejuvenated and muscle repair is happening. When sleep is interrupted or you feel tired after sleeping poorly, your mind, physically body and immune system can be affected. To reassure your body gets proper rest, repairs and rejuvenates itself properly, it requires all bodily functions to be working properly. Water dehydration can affect this quite a bit.

Consider this:

Your intestines require ½ a cup of water

Breathing: 1 and 1/3 cup of water

Lungs: about 2 cups

Skin: about 2 cups

Kidneys: about 5 and ½ cups of water

This is roughly how much water each of those bodily functions requires every day. Quite a bit really, and if there be any deficiency in any of those areas, sleep can be affected.


Don’t wait till you “feel” thirsty, this often means you’re already dehydrated. Keep your body constantly supplied with water to avoid dehydration and its side effects!

My Challenge

I challenge you to drink nothing but water for 1 week. You might be used to a routine cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of coffee at work, but I urge you to replace this with only water. You might have the need to go the bathroom a lot more, but this just means the water is working its magic and your body is cleansing itself. Eventually after a steady income of water, your bladder will regulate itself and you won’t need to visit the restroom so often.

If you plan on taking this challenge please let me know below :D


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