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10 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Joining a Gym

Updated on April 20, 2016


Tip 1. Make Exercise a part of your daily routine in order to stay fit & healthy!
Tip 2. Know Your Trainer!
Tip 3. Choose Gym Equipment based on you Present Health Condition.
Tip 4. Try Masala Bhangra!
Tip 5. Take it easy with various postures!
Tip 6. Give Time To Learn Exercising Or Bear The Pain!
Tip 7. Warm Up Before Workout!
Tip 8. Workout Under Supervision Of Trainer in Gym!
Tip 9. Focus On Health Not Social Status!
Tip 10. Save Money Working Out At Home!

Health Club - A Business

Today, there are many health clubs in our city whose main focus or say they have set their eyes on the client's money instead of client's health issues. Nowadays, it's more like a business thus, it's important to think twice before opting health clubs. Following the trend, gym and health clubs are making the villagers even more crazy than the city people.

Few years ago, the ideology of keeping fit and healthy was limited to only sportsperson's but today, it's in fashion to maintain their fitness by exercising in order to look attractive, and if you have a slim figure then you just need to maintain it by following a regular routine of exercise.

Question Yourself First!

Do you really feel the need of joining a Health Club?

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Health Club
Health Club | Source

Who Does Not Want To Get Slim?

In today's modern era, people are getting crazy to get a slim and healthy body figure. Thus, to fulfil the desire of getting a toned body it's essential for you to exercise regularly and make it a part of your life while trying different remedies to get rid of unwanted fat and toxins from your body and as a result lose weight.


A healthy & slim body figure is admired by all!

Tip#1. Make Exercise a part of your daily routine in order to stay fit & healthy!

Specially, females of all ages have become so health conscious that they manage to take out time from their busy life schedule for visiting health clubs and gymnasium.

The word 'Slim' itself is such a beautiful word that many people crave for it, as soon as they get a hope that even they can become slim, they start trying what not just to get rid of their fat body no matter how much hard work it takes. After noticing the result of the reduced fat & weight from their body, they get more motivated and energized and then increase their level of hard work.

Mostly, people tend to get lazy and less physically productive, they just like to sit back and enjoy the show going on in their life. There are very few people today, who are motivated enough to get going by making exercise a part of their daily routine in order to stay fit & healthy for long.

Where Do You Stand?

Is Exercise Part Of Your Daily Routine?

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What People Look For While Choosing A Health Club?

Lack of physical task results in accumulation of the fat in the body. Consequently, people get tensed, irritated but when they get to see huge machines at the gymnasiums, health clubs or slimming centers, they suddenly get a hope and they want to give a try to get rid of the fat and lose weight to get their desired body type.


People Get Easily Influenced by Large Machines kept in Health Club!

Do you choose a Health Club by looking at the variety of machines available there?

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Nowadays, many people are joining these health clubs, gymnasium and slimming centers by getting influenced by their friends, families, relatives, and even after noticing a major change in their known one's body who used to be fat before. They easily tend to get inspired and start working out in the gym.

It has also become a trend and a status symbol for some people to become a member of one of these clubs or centers. People are joining these health clubs with a hope of losing weight and trying out modern equipment to overcome their health issues.

By using these modern health equipment on a daily basis and with enthusiasm many people achieved a satisfying result and shocked others while many people are there who started using it and after 3-4 months they got bored and stopped using them as a result it had a reverse effect on them. They increased their body weight more than it was before joining.

What Do You Prefer?

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Have you ever tried following yoga routine at home?

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Trend of Health Clubs

By watching one another and through various media coverage there is a huge competition in the market among these health clubs, gymnasium, and slimming centers. They caught the weakness of the public and now these slimming centers, health clubs or gymnasium are taking advantage and setting up their business in small localities too. There are very few health club these days who actually worry for their client's health and progress in getting fit.

  • Earlier, people used to go for a walk, practice yoga and pranayam at home but today, in the modern age, its been replaced by big gymnasiums and health clubs.
  • Now, People are more attracted towards the gym and health clubs which consists of new machines which help them to loose fat and thus weight too and get the desired figure.

Most of the people in India, do not find treadmill and stepper beneficial so the only option left with them is to go for the gym training. Also, it’s more of a trend in India to hit the gym. People visit the gym but without proper planning and focus, without having a complete detail about the gym, its faculty and training given there. Mostly the customers here tend to rely on the fitness trainers and follow their instructions blindly. Lack of awareness about the machines they are using at the gym and lack of knowledge of the fee structure they provide to the customers is a major issue today.

Health Club: Pros & Cons

Pros of Machines at Gymnasiums:

  • Helps in recording the time period we exercised,
  • Helps in keeping a track of weight loosed,
  • Helps in knowing the number of calories burnt,
  • Helps in keeping a check on one's heart rate,
  • Easily calculates the distance and speed.

Cons of Machines at Gymnasiums:

Some years ago, when there used to be only beauty parlors having many slimming gadgets, people used them but soon it showed demerits. In health clubs, there are various machines set up in a large room which is used by many male and female clients.

  • Exercising on machines in a closed room results in accumulation of the exhaled carbon-dioxide and many other gasses which are very harmful to health. Thus, it is recommended to use such machines in an open space to gain its merits.
  • While exercising on machines, our body releases sweat. Consequently, the continuous use of the same machine by many people can lead to the transfer of bacteria present in sweat to the machine. These bacteria may enter one's body which can lead to harmful effects on overall health. So, it is important to keep the gym equipment clean and germ free.
  • Use of some health equipment is prohibited for people suffering from blood-pressure, heart problems, etc. But the instructors pay very less attention to this as they are not so much bothered about their health but money. Hence, people with various health issues should consult the doctor before joining gym.

Choose a gym with good experienced trainer
Choose a gym with good experienced trainer | Source

Be Careful While Using Health Equipment

  • Females are affected a lot by using these machines and then being less conscious about their diet and daily work at home.
    There are many ladies who work out in health clubs wearing sarees which invite unseen accidents.
  • It's not at all good to be wholly dependent on the servants for the work at home and adding up less quantity of oily and fried food in your diet as you think we are already using these machines and can again lose weight.
  • There are many instructors at health clubs who are not experienced enough to tell you the pros and cons of using these machines which later gives a negative result to the client's health.
  • Many times, excessive use of 'vibratory belts', 'spinomatic bed massager', or 'tummy and thigh roller' are harmful to ladies as they are just focused on using some or the other machines to complete the given time without knowing which machines are to be used for what duration? It's a fact that use of these machines excessively loosens up the muscles.

TIP#2. Know Your Trainer!

How to Decide On Which Gym To Join?

  • It’s very important to get motivated towards exercising and making it a part of your daily life.
  • It requires proper planning before taking a decision to visit any gym or health clubs.
  • Before joining health clubs or it's very important to get the detailed knowledge about the gym, it's trainers, and their benefits.
  • You can even take reviews of the members of that particular health club.
  • It's advisable to visit other gyms and health clubs in your area in order to know the difference and equality and to get the knowledge of the methods and techniques used.
  • You can then make a wise decision while matching the prospectus of all the gyms you nearby your area to finally decide which one is favorable for you.


Tip #3. Choose Gym Equipment based on you Present Health Condition.

Pay Attention!!

  • While visiting a health club, it's important for ladies that they should be given proper instructions to use machines and exercises, keeping in mind their body type and their focused body part.
  • There are many instructors who will make you use all the machines without keeping in mind your requirement as per your body.
  • That's just their way to earn maximum money from their clients while keeping them busy for a specified time period.
  • 'Tummy roller', 'abdominal board', 'twister', 'rowing machine', 'keep fit', 'firm and full exercise' can be used instead of using only 'charming machines'.
  • Before visiting health clubs, you should know that barring one or two, rest all the machines are running by electricity thus, its regular use may loosen up your muscles and forms wrinkles which make you appear double of your real age.
  • It is recommended to use such machines only if you are suffering from some specific problem or disease and the machine can help you overcome it, for instance : heart patients can use 'health walker' and 'health cycle'; paralyzed patients can use 'spinomatic bed massager', 'shoulder and arm exercise' etc.

Tip #4. Try Masala Bhangra!

What Else Can You Prefer Instead of Joining Health Clubs?

You can opt for Aerobics, Yoga, Zumba or Dance classes in your area to substitute gym workout and stay physically fit and active. These types of fitness classes make the exercising fun, entertaining rather than a tedious job.

Nowadays, Masala Bhangra is one of the most energizing forms of dance that is also proving for good burning more fat and calories for people who are focusing on weight loss.


Tip #5. Take it easy with various postures!

Tip#6. Give Time To Learn Exercising Or Bear The Pain!

Exercise Steps To Follow :

While starting to exercise, always remember the following points for having a good workout experience:

  • Always start your workout with an ease, feeling extremely comfortable in whichever exercise position you are asked to get into by your trainer.
  • Sometimes when you are targeting an area in your body be it for losing fat, building muscle, gaining weight, or anything, and you’re not feeling comfortable or you're feeling joint pain while maintaining that particular exercise posture as instructed by your trainer, just leave it.
  • Yes, ask your trainer to change your exercise or substitute it with some other keeping in mind the targeted area. Do not continue to do it, even after feeling uncomfortable.

Tip #7. Warm Up Before Workout!

Exercise in laps of nature
Exercise in laps of nature | Source

Tip #8. Workout Under Supervision Of Trainer in Gym!

  • It’s always important to start your exercise with a little warm-up and stretching so as to warm your body muscles and get it ready for following an intense workout routine. It’s also good to have a warm water shower before your workout but beware not to heat your inflamed joints too much.

  • Do not skip your workout sessions if you are aiming for a body type that you craving for already. A 30 minutes workout session is a minimum essential for everyone in today’s life for a healthy you. Continues exercise is really full of merits for you.
  • Not only focus on exercises, but also to your diet as instructed by your dietitian or nutritionist. (It’s very important to consult a nutritionist). Always exercise under the supervision of a trainer at the gym.
  • Always pay attention to what your body is reacting in return of the workout you are indulging in. If the after workout body pain or joint pain lasts for more than two hours, then probably you must be overdoing it.

  • Always stay motivated, healthy and fit for a beautiful you!

Tip #9. Focus On Health Not Social Status!

Tip#10. Save Money Working Out At Home!


  • In foreign countries, it's not easy to exercise in an open area and while working at home machines are necessary for exercising.
  • According to the atmosphere, people prefer to visit health clubs and use these machines to keep their bones and joints fit and body healthy.
  • As compared to foreign countries, in India, people can easily workout while working at home as there are many hand jobs and very fewer machines are used.
  • By working out at home, they can save money as well as the time that they spare in these health clubs.
  • Lastly, It is suggested to opt for these health clubs only after contemplating twice and knowing its pros and cons, strictly avoid using it as a status symbol.


Do You Go To A Health Club?

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Cast your vote for Your Gym. Are You Satisfied?

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