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Ways To Maintain A Positive Attitude

Updated on April 3, 2015

Sometimes it is hard to stay positive in life when there are obstacles thrown in our way. One thing that I have learned is that the way we react to these obstacles is what makes us or breaks us. If you are able to replace a negative response with a more positive thought process, you may be able to train your mind to handle bad situations better. Here are some ways to start becoming a more positive person and how to maintain that positive attitude.

Positive Affirmations

If you catch yourself saying a lot of negative things throughout the day, stop yourself and replace them with more positive affirmations. Daily positive affirmations may help you to feel more positive and possibly attract more positive things into your life. You may want to write down these affirmations in a journal and read them back to yourself each day. Here are a few examples of positive affirmations that you can say out loud or whisper to yourself each day. You can make up on your own affirmations and repeat them throughout the day.

•"I can handle this."
•"I will be okay."
•"I can do this, I am a capable person."
•"I am loved and I give love."
•"I am successful."
•"My life is getting better."
•"I can create my own happiness."
•"I am blessed."
•"I will conquer my fears."
•"I feel peaceful and calm."
•"I am taking steps to be a more positive person."

Positive Activities

Get involved in doing positive things for yourself and others. One thing that can help you to feel more positive about yourself is to volunteer your time to help others. It could be as little as a few hours a month, but by volunteering you can help yourself to feel a greater sense of confidence and self worth. Other positive things you can do in your free time are exercise, take dance lessons, play tennis or another sport, paint, draw, make a scrapbook, write a short story or poem, be active! Do things that you know you will enjoy so that you can keep that positivity flowing.

Be Good To Yourself And Others

Make sure to take time out for yourself and treat yourself with respect. Do not speak down to yourself or others. For every bad thought you are thinking, try to replace it with two good thoughts. Take care of your health by going to the doctor for checkups and following through with any treatments that your doctor suggests. Follow a healthy, well-balanced diet. Treat yourself and those you love with the same respect that you would treat a stranger. Be polite and mannerly. Do not put yourself down because you feel you are not worthy or that you can not do something.

Appreciate The Small Things In Life

There are so many little things we can be thankful for. If you are able to read this sentence, be thankful for your ability to see and read. When you start counting the little things, you realize just how many things there are to be thankful for. Appreciate and admire nature. Take a walk in a park and admire the beauty that surrounds you. When you are outside, take time to really look at the trees, animals, grass, flowers, buildings, stores and take in everything around you. Learn to appreciate the smallest things that may go unnoticed throughout the day and you might find yourself feeling more positive at the end of the day.

It Is Okay To Feel Emotions

I am not saying that you should be numb to your emotions. If something bad or tragic has happened in your life, it is okay to have feelings of sadness, grief, frustration or anger. However, it is not good when those feelings completely dominate your life, especially for a long period of time. If you are constantly getting upset over things, then making a change to become more positive can help you to handle tough situations better. If you want to become a more positive person, you have to allow yourself the opportunity and time to work on it.

Look At A Bad Situation In A Positive Way

I know it seems easier said than done, but one way to help yourself become more positive is to try to stop negativity in its tracks and prevent it from getting out of control. For example, let's say you brought your car into the shop to have it repaired. The mechanic finds another problem with your car and it will end up costing you an extra $400. Instead of getting yourself too upset over the situation, try to think some positive thoughts that might help you to handle the situation better. While it is okay to feel upset, do not let it ruin your day or your week. Here are a few things you can say to yourself.

•"I am thankful to have a car."
•"I am grateful that I have the ability to drive."
•"I am glad that my car is being fixed so it will run more efficiently."
•"All cars need a tuneup or fixing at some point."
•"It is worth the money to have my car running the way it should."

Even if you do not have a car, you can try to come up with your own positive sayings and thoughts about a situation that you have encountered. The more you counteract the negative thoughts with more positive thoughts, the more you will be able to maintain positive feelings and a more positive attitude.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, smile or who are an inspiration to you. These people may have some words of advice or wisdom to share with you to help you to stay more positive. Do you know a person who just manages to stay calm and positive throughout struggles? While they may feel upset, they do not let the negative feelings overpower and take control of their lives.

If you do not happen to know anyone who exudes positivity or if you would just like to add more positivity to your life, then you may want to make yourself a collage of positive quotes, sayings and pictures. Cut out quotes and inspirational, positive words from magazines or the internet. Paste or tape them onto a piece of paper and put the paper into a picture frame. Make a few of them and hang them up on your wall or put them on your dresser where you will see them everyday. You can also buy decals from retail stores that have positive sayings and decorate your walls with them. Place these positive words, quotes and sayings wherever you will see them each day so that you can be surrounded by positivity. This idea may help you to stay on track with maintaining a more positive attitude.


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