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Ways To Treat Yourself

Updated on July 20, 2019

Ways To Treat Yourself

Do you ever do nice things for yourself that you would normally do for other people? If not, why? You are just as important as anyone else. Do you take care of others but put yourself on the back burner? Here a few ways you can treat yourself and do nice things to make yourself feel good.

* Take a bath and listen to music - Lie in a bathtub and enjoy the feeling of relaxation. Did you have a hard day at work or home? Soak your troubles away in a tub of water. Listen to your favorite songs made on your own personal playlist.

* Buy yourself a soft, luxurious bath towel - After a nice relaxing soak in the tub, wrap yourself in an extra soft bath towel. Feel the soft material against your skin. This is a nice way to pamper yourself.

* Set up your dinner on a fancy plate - Do you have fine china or expensive plates? You can buy cheaper plates that look restaurant plates that come in different shapes, like rectangle and square. Set up your next meal on these plates. Make it a nice presentation for yourself like you are eating in a fine restaurant.

* Buy yourself concert tickets - Buy yourself a ticket to see one of your favorite musicians, comedians or sports teams. Get out and have some fun!

* Eat that pint of ice-cream - So maybe you are watching what you eat because of health or weight concerns. There are some ice-cream brands that are low calorie, low sugar and have some health value. Check them out, Halo Top and Enlightened are two brand names that come to mind. If you are not consciously watching your diet, indulge yourself in a sweet treat.

* Buy yourself a good book or magazine - Get lost in a good book or read through a magazine. Give yourself the gift of time. Time to spend on yourself letting your mind get a break by curling up with a good read.

* Compliment yourself - Do you ever compliment others? Go ahead and give yourself a compliment. Maybe you did a good job in work today. Tell yourself "You did a good job today!" You might like the way your hair looks today. Tell yourself "Hey, your hair looks nice today." Be kind and loving to yourself, just as you would another person.

* Get together with friends - When is the last time you got together with a friend or a group of friends? Whether it be for lunch, dinner or going out for a couple of drinks, try to schedule a get together with a friend. Invite your friends over for a night of board games. Do something fun and exciting with friends that will strengthen your bond and create lasting happy memories.

* Make yourself a vision board or journal - What things do you want in life? Are there goals you would like to achieve? Look through magazines and cut out images of things you would like to have one day. Journal in a notebook and write down what things you are grateful for and what does or what you think will bring you happiness or joy in life. Try to focus on these things and attain them.

* Relax - Whatever way you can think of, stop and relax. Take a deep breath. If you have an outdoor patio or area, buy yourself a nice hammock or porch swing. Lie in the hammock and enjoy the fresh air. Swing on your new porch swing while reading a good book. Learn to give yourself the gift of relaxation. Especially if you are usually busy caring for others, you need some "you" time to unwind.

* Make a playlist of your favorite songs - Make yourself a list of your favorite songs. Listen to them in the car on the way to work, while traveling on a vacation or relaxing at home. Listening to music can be uplifting and raise your spirits.

* Get a professional massage - Treat yourself to a day at the spa or a massage parlor. Tension and stress can build up in your muscles. Relax and let go of that tension by getting a professional massage.

* Let other people do things for you - Do you ever give a lot of yourself but don't allow yourself to receive things from others? Take someone up on their offer of doing something kind for you. Instead of saying "No, you don't have to do that", say "Yes, I would really like that!". While being kind to others, do not forget to be kind to yourself by allowing others to be kind to you.


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