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Ways of getting relief from fibromyalgia in the lower back

Updated on July 29, 2013

Fibromyalgia gives a person insurmountable pain in different parts of the body. And of all the pains caused by this illness, the pain that occurs in the upper back is probably the worst. Most people who suffer from fibromyalgia in upper back have weird ways of sitting and sleeping. As a result, they always feel drained, tired and sored.

In understanding fibromyalgia in the upper back, you should first understand how your back functions. Your back has lots of muscles and they help in various ways. They

  • Support of your spine.
  • Align your spinal column.
  • Allow your body to move, bend and rotate in different directions.
  • Provide balance to your body.
  • Form a link with the other muscles to establish a communication with the brain.

Fibromyalgia is often described as overactive processors of pain. Consequently, the brain is inclined to think that you are having pain – a chronic one.

In fibromyalgia, the spine’s pain processors become overactive and give wrong signals to the brain. As a result, you suffer the extreme pain and other symptoms of fibromyalgia. Your upper back muscles get weaker and weaker. The weak muscles in your spinal column will cause a misalignment in your back and cause chronic upper back pain.

The real cause of fibromyalgia is still a mystery as there are no proven and known causes of this condition. Most medical professionals consider this disease as mysterious. However, there are many different ways to ease and alleviate pains caused by this condition.

Most physicians prescribe medications and drugs that give relief to the patient. These drugs include painkillers and anti-depressants that provide momentary relief and relaxation to the muscles. What these medications provide is mere short term relief.

There are home remedies that can be used hand in hand with the prescribed drugs. The additional treatments may help in hastening relief. These treatments are heat application, exercise and support. You can also make use of acupuncture, acupressure and chiropractors to get respite from the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Heat application

Heat can relax the muscles and alleviate the pain. Heat application can be done in various ways. For instance, warm bath at night, bathe in the tub with warm water in the morning or application of hot packs can all help. A warm bath at night provides relaxation of the muscles that eases the pain in the upper back. This enables you to sleep better and gives your body time to heal.

If you wake up in the morning with body aches, you can fill a tub of warm water and bathe in this to soothe your hurting muscles. The warm water will loosen your muscles and let you enjoy an over-all relaxed body.

Different kinds of heat wraps are also available now. These come in different sizes and shapes. What is important here is to choose the type that fits your upper back. You can soak it in warm water or heat it in a microwave oven. When heated, you can strap the heat wrap securely in your upper back. The effect is warming relief.


Your daily routine should include the right exercises if you suffer from fibromyalgia. These exercises need not be strenuous. Go for the exercises target the muscles at the upper back. The goal of the exercise is to strengthen your muscles as well as the spine. You can consult a professional trainer to know about the best exercises for your condition.


Proper support for your body at all times becomes important when you suffer from fibromyalgia. You may want to ask your office for an adjustable or an ergonomically constructed chair that will allow your body and upper back to remain flexible. The chair should be adjusted to suit your posture.

You also have to check your bed. Does it provide you with a comfortable recline? You will need proper lumber support in fibromyalgia. If your bed is not comfortable, it is time for you to buy a better quality bed. Remember that there are some great models of ergonomic beds available at affordable prices. This may be wise investment.

Acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractor

There are other options that you can resort to when you wish to alleviate the pains in your upper back. Acupuncture has been one of the ancient treatments for many diseases and afflictions, including upper back fibromyalgia. In acupuncture, needles are inserted in the upper back to relieve the pain. Instead of needles, pressure can be applied on the upper back to relieve the pain. Your pain in the upper back pain may be due to misaligned nerves in the spinal area. For this kind of upper back fibromyalgia, you will need chiropractic treatments.

It is always advisable that you see a good physician before using any of the treatments for your condition. Your physician can check your condition thoroughly and recommend you the right treatment for your problem.

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