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Ways to Master Self Confidence

Updated on November 14, 2017
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Lanecia is a writer and blogger who enjoys inspiring others through self-help articles.

Take a look in the mirror. What do you see? Do you see someone you have always dreamed to be? Or, do you see someone who are trying to be?

Practice this everyday for the rest of your life until you are looking at the person you have always dreamed to be; that my friends is self-confidence.

Many feel that self-confidence is hard to obtain, but it could be the easiest goal you choose to accomplish. It is all your choice. When you choose to want to love yourself, there is all sorts of never-ending possibilities. Here are some ways you can master self-confidence.


There are endless ways to learn how to have more confidence. Choosing books and other reading material on the subject of self-confidence, will help you to learn what it means to be confident.

You can find tons of topics online about self-confidence. If you have any type of social media, look for articles and quotes about self-confidence to read each time you log in. Reading self-confidence material everyday will equip you with knowledge on how to be more confident.


There are tons of videos online that will help you to build more confidence. Sites like YouTube have a wide selection of videos that can inspire you to believe in yourself. Start by typing the word confidence in the search bar and you will find hundreds of videos on self-confidence.

Inspirational podcasts is another great way to build confidence. Listening to radio shows can be a great way to find people who host podcasts to inspire you to have better confidence.

Also, if you are a fan of daytime television, there are also many shows that feature daily topics on the topic of confidence. Check your t.v.'s channel guide and descriptions to see what will be featured.

Work It Out

Exercising is probably one of the best ways you can gain more self-confidence. Have you ever heard the saying that "when you look good, you feel good"? Well, that saying actually turns out to be true.

You don't always have to go to the gym, most or all of your workouts are free when you do them at home. Try to go for walks at your local community fitness center or even outdoors to get a cool breeze and fresh air.

There are also tons of fitness videos you can rent or check out at your local library. YouTube videos are another great way to find fitness videos that fit your schedule and your fitness level.

It doesn't have to be hard or easy. All you need is 5 minutes to devote to your physical health, yes that's it!

Not only will you boost your level of confidence for yourself, but you will feel excellent afterwards.

Feed Your Body

Working out enhances your body when you eat right as well. If you don't eat healthy, your fitness routine will be a waste of your precious time.

Feeding your body what it needs to function and thrive will help you to look your best. When you look your best, you feel more sure of yourself. You can wear that dress without feeling as if you are not worthy enough. Not only does eating well boost self confidence, but you will live longer to also enjoy the feeling of being more confident.

There are countless ways to begin eating healthy. It is also much cheaper. Don't wait for the perfect day, now is the right time to begin.

Get Social

When you are looking to boost your confidence level, sometimes hanging out with friends and family are a great way to remind yourself to be more confident.

It is important not to seek validation for yourself based off of the opinions of others, but having an honest conversation about self-confidence is a great way to find new ways of looking at the concept of confidence.

Going out to social events also puts you in a position to talk more and display more confidence for yourself. When you go out you have an excuse to dress better as well.

You also become more aware of ways to communicate effectively, which will help you to feel much better about yourself. So check in your local guide for any social events near you or call up some friends to plan a night on the town.

Challenge Yourself

Challenging yourself is one of the greatest ways you can master self confidence. have you always wanted to go hiking, but think you can't do it? Challenge yourself to hike a trail that seems impossible.

Have you always dreamed of starting your own blog, but never thought you were a good writer? Challenge yourself to write at least ten posts this year.

There is a possibility that you may or may not fail, but you challenged yourself which made you stronger and more confident that you could take on such a task. Your challenge does not have to be drastic, only something you can do. If you have to, take baby steps. But, it is important to challenge yourself to learn and grow to be a more confident you.


Becoming more organized can help you develop more self-confidence. When you have your life in order, you will feel more confident that everything will fall into place. It could be as simple as writing a to-do list for the day or writing down goals for the week. When you are organized you have more possibilities, which will push you to have greater self-confidence.

Be More Open

You can get a self-confidence boost by just having a conversation. Practice being more open with people you meet or have conversations with. Sit up nice and tall and remember to give the person you are speaking with eye contact.

You will have a more meaningful conversation while boosting your self-confidence. While you are practicing to be more open, it is important to keep your thoughts positive. Negative thoughts almost always cause you to think negative of yourself. In order to have self-confidence you must think positive of yourself.


It may or may not take more than just my small list of ways to master self confidence. Just know that in order to develop a good level of self-confidence, you will have to continue to do things that will contribute to being more confident. If you have to educate yourself on the subject of true confidence, do it. Never feel as though you will not get there.

Continue to push to build a better you. Getting new haircut or buying a new pair of shoes are examples of ways you can contribute to your self-confidence. Also know that it does not have to cost money to maintain your self-confidence. Going for a bike ride or enjoying a day at the beach are also free ways you can maintain self-confidence.

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© 2017 Lanecia Smith


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