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Ways To Reward Yourself Instead of Smoking

Updated on December 1, 2016

Reward Myself Without Smoking

These are just mine

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Please give me Ideas of how you reward yourself (without smoking) These are some ideas of rewards!!!

Grow your own flowers!

Pet your dog or cat or talk to them ..they do understand!

Planting and caring for a living thing is a wonderful growth experience!

Start your own garden with herbs, fruits and or vegetables.

Go to the zoo

Take a trip to the art museum

Take a walk in the park

Buy a new CD or DVD

Burn a scented candle

Get your hair done

Take a candlelit bubble bath

Go on a scenic bike ride

Take a walk in the countryside

Listen to relaxing music

Read a good book

Listen to a good book

Go to a movie

Rent an old favorite movie

Buy a new book and get lost in reading it!

Sign up for a course at a local college

Contribute time, treasure or talent to a local charity

Learn to use the computer, or become more proficient at it

Get a manicure

Get a pedicure

Paint a room in your home a vibrant new shade

Make curtains for a bright new look

Buy a new top

Buy a new pair of shoes

Go to the opera or symphony

Send yourself flowers...anonymously!

Adopt a pet

Study a 2nd language

Go to the library

Teach a child to read

Take up a new sport

Sew something

Take up woodworking

Learn a craft

Paint a picture

Go to the park with a sketchpad and sketch your world!

Volunteer for Big Brothers or Big Sisters

Volunteer for any good cause!

Bake cookies and deliver them to the local fire-house (be on the look out for hunks!)

Arrange a choral group to go sing at a local nursing home

Spend the day reading to the seniors at a nursing home

Do a random act of kindness

Soup kitchen duty

Go skydiving (yikes!)

Celebrate major Milestone reaching rewards:

A weekend at a bed and breakfast

A Spa Weekend

A full day of beauty and makeover

A new piece of jewelry

A new car

A 2nd Honeymoon

Build and equip a home gym

Put in a new pool

Begin your own business

Look for a new job

Pursue a new dream!

Splurge on a new coat

Take an exotic vacation

Visit an historic place

OR, how about a new “breakout” reward

Go skydiving (yikes again!)

Sing the national anthem at a sporting event

Try something you never thought you could do!

Join Myspace

Join Facebook

Make a hubpage ...Hubpages are kind of addictive once you do your first one!!


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