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Secret to The Happiness

Updated on February 10, 2015

Secret of the Happiness

Secret of the Happiness
Secret of the Happiness | Source

Search for Happiness

Everyone is searching for easy ways to be happy. Even you ask the poorest of poor or the richest of rich he is looking for happiness. Why is Happiness really such a confusing concept in itself. We keep on reading books on happiness, quotes that speak happiness, attend many programs and what not. But after few days we realize we are still not happy. Something is still missing. So what is the secret of happiness?

Many times we attach happiness with money. If money is the answer to it then, ask those who are millionaires are they really happy? Do you see them happy all the time? The answer would be No! Yet it is the one thing that everyone is searching for.

So to be happy we first need to understand what is YOUR defination of happiness.

Is this the Defination of Happiness?

Where is Happiness?

I came across this story about happiness. It really is a simple story but tells a lot why we miss the happiness. This made me also think and I realized I am also one who has been following the same path.

The journey of happiness is something like this

If you ask a school child, "Are you happy"

The boy answers, "I will be happy when I will be in the higher secondary,"

When he is in higher secondary he says “I will be happy if I pass out and join a college"

After passing out of college if you ask him "Are you happy now?"

The answer would be “I will be happy if I get a high paid job & I settle in my life"

After getting a good job if you ask "Are you happy now?"

He would still say “I will be happy only if I get a good, beautiful life partner”

“I could be happy if I have a baby”

“only if the baby grows up and gets good education”

“only if the baby gets job”.........

It’s never ending journey.

And like this only we keep on postponing happiness to the future. Where we don't have any control or you can't be in future.

Must Watch this Movie on Happiness

Yes Happiness is Here Now

Happiness always here now in the present moment. Only thing is we need to realize this. We look at the things which we don't have right now.

Just imagine what will you do when you are happy. Think more on it. At the first you will think happiness there in money, fame & name but for a moment look at what all challenges what all problems you will have when you have all the name, fame & lot of money.

Will be able to enjoy all you have around? Will you not have thought about how to maintain that status. How to earn more money. How to become more popular. These all thought will cover your mind. Because when you will have lot of money also your mind will be worried about future.

Because you have not trained your mind to look at what is there in your hand now. Or what is around you. That all will give you happiness. Knowing that happiness is right now with you. YOU WILL BE HAPPY. YOU ARE HAPPY NOW....

Don't postpone happiness. Happiness is not in future it is living your present moments with happiness.

‪Where Does Happiness Come From? (Must See)

To get to Present Remember Memorable Moments

This is another funny thing about happiness. We realize that we were happy sometime in the past.

By the time you are 80 years of age. If then asked are you happy guess what the answer would be “We used to be happy when we were young”,”those were the days” “the good old days” Throughout life we were looking for happiness first in the future and then in the past.

Happiness was always with us but we did not have an eye to see it. Happiness is in the present moment, happiness is Now! We need nothing to be happy. We just have to be in our true nature which is free from everything. Our true nature is Joy, Enthusiasm and love!

How to be happy?
How to be happy?

How to be Happy then?

If we look at our life it is always with us in present moment. It is not the past that stays with us nor the future that we know. It is our mind & our thoughts or experiences that keep us away from happiness.

How to be there in present moment?

Sit at a quiet place where no one is there to disturb you. Think of all the moments when you were happy. Find out the things that make you happy. Keep on doing all the things that make you happy. & avoid all the things that make you sad. How to be happy? How to be in present moment.

As shown in the video how happiness comes from good & bad both the situations. Celebrating every situation & knowing that everything in this world keep on changing. Realizing this makes you happy.

Once you realize what made you happy simple.... Keep repeating it :)

Don't Postpone Happiness for Tomorrow

Don't Postpone Happiness for Tomorrow
Don't Postpone Happiness for Tomorrow

The Surprising Science of Happiness

My Formula for Happiness

1. Know happiness is in present moment. Make being happy a habit.

2. If you keep on sharing happiness it gets multiplied manifolds

3. Look who is in need help them in the best possible way

4. Enjoy small moments in life. That matters a lot in future also

5. If you are sad take a walk in nature, play with kids or do some help to others

6. Do some exercise or some physical work don't sit idle.

7. Praise god or the people who help you & be grateful to them always.

8. Accept situations as challenges and try to overcome with the best possible ways. Even if you lose does't matter, enjoy that you tried.

9. Know that journey to happiness is the best not the goal. Happiness is here right now.

10. Make a wish list and try to fulfill it. Whenever you achieve any of the wish celebrate it.

Are You Happy Now?

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    • profile image

      Better Emotions 4 years ago

      Truly said. I think that nothing or no one can make you happy except yourself. So, stay in the moment and just enjoy life because there are so many reasons to be happy right now. Liked reading your hub!

    • Shrikrishnap profile image

      Shrikrishna Potdar 4 years ago from Bangalore

      I am happy Chitragandha that you found my hub post inspiring. Yes it is the nature that brings right things to us at time when we need it.

      Thanks a lot for you inspiring comment. :)

    • Shrikrishnap profile image

      Shrikrishna Potdar 4 years ago from Bangalore

      Thanks a lot for your comment. :)

    • Shrikrishnap profile image

      Shrikrishna Potdar 4 years ago from Bangalore

      Yes it is the feeling which makes you happy & not the only money or something else.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Very nice hub, inspiring me to be happy. I discovered it at the right moment, when I was feeling a little low.

      Thanks for sharing!

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      great hub. Inspiring me to be happy.

    • beingwell profile image

      beingwell 4 years ago from Bangkok

      We need to be happy in order to be happy. We must want the feeling first, right? :) Nice hub! Voted up.