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Wearing A Mask During the Pandemic is Vital

Updated on July 18, 2020
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Claudette Carter, is thrilled to share the good news of Jehovah God's kingdom and its hope for the future with people of all nations.

Does Masks Prevent the Spread of Respiratory Particles that Could Cause Coronavirus?

The Science Guy, #Bill Nye video was featured on CBS This Morning. He explained with genuine sincerity the role masks play in our lives toda by stating, “These are made to block particles in the medical environment and when you are out mowing the lawn.” Nye went on to powerfully express, “The main reason we want you to wear a masks is to protect me from you and the particles from your respiratory system from getting into my respiratory system. Thank you for joining me on Consider the Following.“ The video was so informative and entertaining l decided to share it with my readers. It is featured below.

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This is another mask that is disposable and that l also find effective when l go out in public.A black mask that l ordered from a website is very effective. I did the test of holding it up to the sunlight. I couldn’t see the light so l feel protected somehow when l wear a mask.This disposable face mask serves the purpose when l am in public.
This is another mask that is disposable and that l also find effective when l go out in public.
This is another mask that is disposable and that l also find effective when l go out in public.
A black mask that l ordered from a website is very effective. I did the test of holding it up to the sunlight. I couldn’t see the light so l feel protected somehow when l wear a mask.
A black mask that l ordered from a website is very effective. I did the test of holding it up to the sunlight. I couldn’t see the light so l feel protected somehow when l wear a mask.
This disposable face mask serves the purpose when l am in public.
This disposable face mask serves the purpose when l am in public.

A Discussion of Wearing Masks as Coronavirus Spirals Out of Control

On CBS This Morning an informative discussion was given after Gayle King said, “Thank you #Bill Nye the Science Guy. I don think you can say it enough to wear your masks. It makes a difference.“ During the same story news anchor Tony Dukoupil agreed, “Gayle, bravo to Bill Nye. We are this far into the pandemic and this is the first time l’ve seen a demonstration with a candle. You would have thought l had seen it all. As we continue our coverage of the virus we are several months into this #pandemic and the number continue to spiral out of control as the U.S. sets another terrible record. Until fifteen days ago the most cases we had seen in a day was a little over 36,000 that was on April 24th, all but according to John Hopkins. Since then the U.S. has broken that record seven times including yesterday‘s all-time high of more than 63,000 cases.”

Information was also shared on #CBS This Morning concerning the state of Arizona were people waited for hours to get tested as the “Governor signed an executive order limiting indoor dining to less than 50% capacity. The country’s three most popular states Florida, Texas and California each reported their highest single day death tolls since the pandemic started. This comes as CDC Director Robert Redfield says the agency will not change its guidelines for #reopening schools despite criticism from President Trump.”

Gayle King also conducted an interview with Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms about the, “Tough times in Georgia where hospitals are quickly nearing capacity. Atlanta‘s Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms just issued an executive order requiring face masks in public spaces. Earlier this week she revealed that she tested positive for Covid-19 but she also says she has no symptoms. She joins us from her home where she is quarantined. We should say this when you announced your diagnosis it got a lot of attention. First because you are the Mayor. Second because you had no symptoms. You said you and your family had been so vigilant and so diligent about following the rules. It has affected your husband and one of your children and your other two were tested.”

Mayor Keisha Bottoms responded by stating, “The other three tests and thankfully they are all negative. Gayle but like so many people across America we have an asymptomatic child in our house and we didn’t know it and had we received our earlier test results back sooner. Test results that l only took because l had attended a funeral and just decided to get the entire family tested. Had we received those sooner we would have known that we had an #asymptomatic child in the house but by the time we were tested again, three of us had tested positive. That’s the story that is happening across the country so that we can’t get to the other side of this crisis.“

Gayle went on to mention, “It’s been reported that you had delays in getting your results which is scary to me because you’re the mayor. You would think if anybody would; l don’t want to say get special treatment but if anybody could get their results quickly, it would be you. What does that say about testing in your state Mayor that our testing system is failing?”

Mayor Bottoms stated, “It took me eight days to get our test results back and again at that point one person in the house is positive and this is the reason this virus is continuing to spread. This is the reason that people are inadvertently putting people in harms way and it is extremely frustrating, it is disappointing there are so many countries across the globe who somehow been able to perfect testing and contact tracing and yet again we are still failing in this country and specifically in the state of Georgia.”

Gayle King, concluded the interview by expressing, “One thing we have been seeing is that masks work. For the majority of us that should be wearing masks. Even during the protests people that wore masks were protected. To help save lives it is literally life. Me wearing a mask could save someone’s life.”

lt is vital that we wear a mask during this pandemic. We must also isolate the viruses to fight them properly. Daily, numbers of infected people with Covid-19 continue to increase. The horrific tragedy of deaths during this pandemic is depressing. Yet, is there a solution? Absolutely! We have the wonderful promise we were taught to pray for by Jehovah God’s precious son Jesus Christ. He taught us to pray for God’s kingdom at Matthew 6:9, 10 which states, “You must pray, then this way: Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth.” ( New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures) There are no sickness or death in heaven and our loving Heavenly Father wants the same type of conditions for mankind here on earth. That is why Jehovah sent his son Jesus who not only taught us God’s will and purpose for individuals but also gave his life as a ransom sacrifice. Jesus proved while on earth that he could heal the sick and raise the dead by asking his Father Jehovah in prayer for God’s holy spirit. Before Jesus could resurrect Lazarus, he prayed to his Father for the ability to bring this man back to life. That is why we pray to Jehovah for his holy spirit to help us endure tribulations during these critical times in Jesus Christ’s name.

God’s kingdom is the only solution to sickness and even mask wearing. Mankind cannot handle these issues themselves. That is why the Lord’s prayer is not for our will to be done but instead God’s will. The Marginal Reference of the Study Bible states, “This petition does not refer primarily to the doing of God’s will by humans. Instead, it refers to God’s taking action to fulfill his will toward earth and its inhabitants. It is a request that God use his power to accomplish his declared purpose. The person praying is also expressing his own perference for and submission to God’s will.” With Jesus ruling as King of this kingdom, all of our pain, sorrow, sickness and death will exist no more. What an amazing and wonderful time that will be as we give thanks to Jehovah God for these future blessings

For additional information on God”s Kingdom and its promises for a better future go to

Disclaimer: Angelladywriter works as a volunteer and is not responsible or paid for any advertisements that surround this article.

Claudette Carter 2020

© 2020 Claudette Coleman Carter


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