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weather and MS

Updated on February 6, 2011

Weather and MS

rain clouds in Maui
rain clouds in Maui

MS and Weather I

 I put a picture of clouds taken on vaykay last summer because I have a paucity of pictures on my computer and I thought it would be attractive... ...............................................

MS is described as a disease of Northern Latitudes. Why is this?

When I was a kid in grade school in Portland, Rain was a frequent factor in my  personal equation; it rained a lot. I spent at least a third of my lunchbreaks in the classroom playing Monopoly because of the daily rain we got. As a doctor, I see the classroom as nothing more than a Viral Stew in which I spent my earlier years. In similar wise, many kids in the higher latitudes spend increased time indoors confined with other humanoids, a percentage of whom will be sick. It is not the point that being exposed to infections causes MS but rather that constant bombardment by viruses and bacteria results in a poor human's  needing to have an ongoing immune response to a gamut of simultaneous attackers. This is not rocket science. It makes sense that a system of defense being pummelled will, over time, make mistakes, if the person carries a gene which allows his immune system to run amok. Mine did. And does.

Living in Arizona has the advantage of being in a place where my kids never were stuck in a cold, damp room full of sick kids. It isn't a surprise that in hotter areas the incidence of de novo MS is much, much lower. I hope this is real. There are enough strange challenges in life without having to worry about demyelination.

At this time, my family is sleeping in and it is quiet but I think this snippet is enough for today.

 MS is real, is scary, but iis managable, I think, with avoidance of heat (which makes me disappear like Silly Putty left out of its' egg) and  proper Diet:. I spend my Summers in Oregon and try to eat simple meats, lean,fruit and non-starchy vegetables with a dash of nuts.

All of this is a good topic for another blurb which may come in a day or two.


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