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Weight Loss Diet Plans

Updated on January 9, 2018

There are a number of weight loss diet plans. Some have become famous with many people having success using them. Others are fads. Before embarking on any diet, you should discuss the pros and cons with your physician or nutritionist. What works for someone else may not be good for you, especially if you have health problems.

Listed below are overviews of some weight loss plans. Remember this is informational only. Before starting any weight loss or exercise plan, you should check with your physician.

The Mayo Clinic Weight Loss Diet

For many years there has been a diet circulating as the Mayo Clinic Diet. You probably got a photocopy from someone in your office. The diet is based on eating grapefruit, vegetables, fruits, and unlimited portions of meat and fat. This diet was not developed by the Mayo Clinic and is not endorsed by them. So, be wary if someone gives you a copy of this diet.

The Mediterranean Weight Loss Diet

The Mediterranean Diet has been around for a long time, about forty years. It is based on the foods that the people in the Mediterranean region of the world consume. The region is diverse and includes countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, and France. The foods are different but are similar in nutritional value. The people in this region eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. In moderate amounts, they consume wine, eggs, poultry, fish and dairy products.

The key to the Mediterranean Diet is the oil the people use, such as olive oil. It is monounsaturated and helps to lower cholesterol. The Mediterranean Diet is flavorful which makes it easy to follow. However, you have to watch your portions.

The Glycemic Index Weight Loss Diet

This diet is based on the Glycemic Index. The index is based on the carbohydrate content of food and how quickly those carbohydrates affect your blood glucose level. Foods with a high Glycemic Index, 70 or greater, are quickly digested and turned into sugar.

If you are thinking about this diet, you should consider foods that are low on the Glycemic Index, 55 or less. These foods include most fruits, high fiber grains, pasta, whole milk, low-fat yogurt, lentils, and whole grain cereals.

You can easily incorporate these foods into your daily diet. You can mix them with foods that have a medium rank between 56 and 69. These foods include boiled potatoes, dried fruits, ice cream, and so on. Since meat, eggs, cheese, and vegetables do not contain carbohydrates, you can eat them as part of your daily diet.

This is a diet for people who do not want to give up the foods they love. Be sure to check with your doctor or nutritionist before starting the diet.

High Carbohydrate Weight Loss Diets

Cells convert fat into energy when glucose is present. When there is very little, the fat is used for energy. High carb diets work because fat isn't stored. For this diet to work you cannot mix fats and carbs.

Eat Right for Your Type

This diet is based on blood type. The creator of this diet, Dr. Peter D'Adamo, conducted studies and determined that genetic inheritance relates to our need for specific foods. Dr. D'Adamo is an expert in naturopathic medicine.

The Zone Weight Loss Diet

The Zone diet is moderate on both carbs and proteins. It is based on eating the proper combination of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. You have to eat smaller quantities of grains.

Low Carbohydrate Weight Loss Diets

On the opposite end of the weight loss spectrum are low carb diets. When you are on a low carb diet, you lose water. So, it seems that you are losing weight. The body needs cards. The brain needs carbs. Your muscles need carbs to replenish glycogen when you work out and repair tissue.

The Atkins Weight Loss Diet

The Atkins Diet has been one of the most controversial, tried, and used diets. Some people love it and others hate it. This is a low carb diet with very few whole grains. Before starting this diet you may want to read the Atkins diet book. Many people have lost weight on this diet. If you start this diet and lose weight, there is a maintenance plan. This diet is a lifelong commitment.

The 3 Hour Weight Loss Diet

With this diet, you feed your body accurately and regularly. Your body holds onto the fat rather than burning it and consuming it for use. Your body burns muscle rather than fat to take the energy it needs to function. On this diet, you do not feel hungry all the time. You learn which foods to eat and to achieve the best possible results. You have to be committed to achieve results on this diet.

The 3 Day Weight Lost Diet

On this diet you follow it for 3 days, then eat regularly for four days and resume the 3 day diet again. The claim is that you can lose 10 pounds in three days. Some consider this a fad diet. If you use this weight loss diet, you need to consider adding some type of exercise program.

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Diet

The Jenny Craig diet offers pre-packaged food for the dieter. This weight loss program has evolved based on consumer needs. They now offer recipes so you can prepare your own meals. Exercise is a component to success in this plan.

Slim Fast Weight Loss Diet

Slim Fast as a diet aid has been around for quite a while. It has adapted to consumer needs evolving from a gritty tasting drink to a smooth drink with different flavors. Meal bar supplements and meals have been added to the product line. You can have a Slim Fast drink for breakfast and lunch and a regular meal at dinnertime.

Carbohydrate Addict's Weight Loss Diet

This diet is based on the premise that a person is addicted to carbohydrates. This addiction is the result of an over-release of insulin when carbohydrate rich foods are eaten. This weight loss diet provides assistance for both adults and children. This is a low carbohydrate diet with meat, vegetables, fruits, grains, and dairy products.

The Choose to Lose Weight Loss Diet

The Choose to Lose diet plan is low in fat. You are given a "fat" budget and you determine how to spend it. You do not have to watch your carbs. But, if your triglyceride levels go up, you have to cut down on the carbs and eat more unsaturated fats. This weight loss diet plan is fairly healthy. You include fruits, vegetables, cereals, bread, pasta, and saturated fats.

The Dash Weight Loss Diet

The Dash Diet is recommended for people with high blood pressure. Studies by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) show that it lowers blood pressure. On this diet you eat a moderate amount of fat and protein. It follows the pyramid food guide. The diet lowers cholesterol and with weight loss and exercise can reduce insulin.

Eat More Weigh Less Weight Loss Diet

This diet is primarily vegetarian and low fat. There isn't a lot of calcium in this diet and it restricts foods such as seafood and lean poultry.

The Pritikin Weight Loss Diet

This diet focuses on foods naturally high in unrefined carbohydrates and fiber and naturally low in fat, salt, and cholesterol. Protein is limited to lean meat, seafood, and poultry. It provides low amounts of saturated fats and lots of vegetables and fruits. This weight loss diet is low on calcium.

The Volumetrics Weight Loss Diet

The Volumetrics diet was created by nutritionist Barbara Rolls, PhD. The diet is based on the premise that people like to eat and they like to eat a lot. The weight loss plan helps people find the foods they can eat a lot of and still lose weight. Its food recommendation is similar to the Pritikin diet. It restricts fatty or dry foods like crackers, pretzels, and popcorn. It is a reasonably healthy diet that allows a high amount of fruits and vegetables. It is low in calories and saturated fat.

Weight Watchers Weight Loss Diet

Weight Watchers is an approach based on food, behavior, support, and exercise. The program offers two plans. The Flex Plan allows you to make food choices based on a point system. The Core Plan focuses on eating nutritious foods without counting or tracking. You plan your own meals.

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Diet

The Nutrisystem diet is based on the Glycemic Index. It is a good carbohydrate, low fat diet. It offers programs for men, women, Type II diabetics, and vegetarians. This weight loss program provides pre-packaged meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also provides desserts. Exercise is a component of this plan.

South Beach Weight Loss Diet

The South Beach diet is based on choosing the right carbs, the right fats, and lean protein. There are 3 phases to this diet. The third phase is a maintenance plan and this is a lifetime commitment. The food choices of this diet are healthy but the calorie restriction may leave you hungry.

The ABS Weight Loss Diet

This diet is a food plan. You lose fat from your belly first and then you convert fat into muscle with an exercise program. The diet concentrates on strengthening your midsection which can alleviate health problems such as back pain and other illnesses associated with a fat midsection.

The Isometric Weight Loss Diet

The Isometric diet is based on a balanced ratio of protein, low glycemic carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids. The Isometric diet is not about suppressing hunger but balancing the nutritional needs of the body.


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